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Remodeling in the Freckled Foodie household!

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As you can see in my post this morning, our home is undergoing many changes.  We are remodeling our living room, hallway, kitchen, and my parents room.  Included in all of these modifications are paint, flooring, and lighting!  Momma freckled foodie and I were trying to come up with some new looks for our home, because she knows how I like to get creative with interior design. 

We had some easy decisions to make when it came to paint and flooring, but as far as lighting?  We were a little unsure of our options.  I turned to the only source I knew of for a variety of styles and easy accesibility for viewing.  Introduced to this site by some other bloggers, and knew it would be perfect for at home shopping, CSN STORES!  They’ve seriously got anything & everything you need to furnish your home.  I love this site because you could browse by room, making it simple to view specific things like “kitchen lighting“, “bedroom lighting“, or “living room lighting“.

For their bedroom, we found these adorable end table lamps that we absolutely fell in love with!

Minka Ambience - 12107-0 - One Light Table Lamp in Stone and Rust

Minka Ambience


What do you think?  It’s hard to envision without being in their room, but the dark cast iron detail on the lamp that swirls around the bottom will perfectly match their new bed frame!

Not to mention, Momma freckled foodie was pretty excited about the fact that in honor of “Earth Month“, there was 5% off many closeout prices with coupon code “CLOUT5” at checkout, not to mention FREE SHIPPING on many of the options. 

She was a little sketchy about ordering offline, because what if she didn’t like it?  I told her she can rest assured!  CSN Stores have a 30-Return Policy for lighting products, in which you can get an exchange or refund.   Just a heads up about this site!  It’s pretty nifty!


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