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There are many types of “heathy eating” cookbooks on the market right now, but this one from The Skinny Chef , Jennifer Iserloh, is much more than that.  She knows what it’s like to fluctuate and struggle with stubborn excess pounds, but she has accumulated several tips for success along with lip smacking combos that she wants to share with America! It’s a guide for a healthy LIFESTYLE (NO YO-YO DIETING included ;)), defeating several common myths on the topic:

Secrets of a Skinny Chef!

Myth #1: Healthy, nutrition-packed meals don’t taste delicious »
This myth has real staying power. I’m sure everyone has a story where they’ve eaten something that wasn’t exactly tasty just to please a health-conscious friend. But healthy cooking doesn’t have to be flavorless, strange or exotic – you can use ingredients that you already know and love plus many others that you’ll find in a regular grocery store. So leave it to a chef – make that the Skinny Chef – to introduce you to decadent tasting, nutrition-packed, home cooked meals that you can enjoy guilt free!

Lean Chicken Enchiladas.

Myth #2: Cooking healthy foods is expensive and time-consuming»
Most people rarely cook at home, so the thought of getting started in their own kitchens seems daunting. What people seem to have forgotten are the pleasures of using their hands to prepare and enjoy simple, delicious meals at home, made from scratch with seasonable produce in the same amount of time it takes to get to the drive-through. Trust a professional chef and recipe developer to make even the beginning cook a star in the kitchen and provide the seasoned cook with new ideas for their trusted recipes!

Banana Cream Pie.

Myth #3: I need to completely change my life to take advantage of this book’s lessons »
The book is really a how-to eating manual that provides a framework to adapt and use outside of these recipes. While my strategies may change your life, I actually encourage you to start with very small, manageable changes that make sense right now.

Steak & Potatoes.

Not only does she EXPLAIN why these statements are false, but she PROVES them through her 100 delectable recipes from cover to cover of this book.

Frozen Coconut Yogurt.

I mean, honestly, who’s mouth ISN’T watering after oogling the pictures of her masterpieces throughout this post?

The fun doesn’t stop with just recipes, however!  You’ll also get the low down on:

  • Six Principles to Healthy Eating – Understand the simple guidelines that underlie what you should be eating, guidelines that work for everyone in every situation.
  • Skinny Secrets – Tap into more than 100 secrets taken from my experiences working in restaurant kitchens, as a private chef, as a recipe developer and lifelong home cook.
  • 100 Delicious Recipes – Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it’s not healthy. Throughout my recipes, I will show you that eating healthy isn’t as hard or time consuming as you think.
  • Healthy Shopping List – ready to print out and take to the grocery store so that you’re never at a loss of what to put in your cart.
  • Cooking Secrets – specialized tricks from professional cooks that will make your foods taste amazing, without adding on pounds!
  • The best part is?

  • NO calorie, fat, or carb tracking
  • NO weird diet “foods”
  • NO insane workouts
  • NO pills or potions
  • Just vibrant, tasty, healthy food you’ll love!
  • Thanks to Aimee and The Skinny Chef, I received my very own Secrets of a Skinny Chef book in the mail recently!  I can’t wait to start cooking up some Skinny Chef recipes!

    For your OWN copy of this awesome book, you can order online and have it shipped right to you from any of these places!


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