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Isn’t it nice to be appreciated?

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Verse of the Day:

“It is written: ” ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.”

– Romans 14:11

How awesome is it to realize that someday everyone will bow down to Him?!  That is going to be QUITE the sight, if you ask me 🙂

Also, I realized this morning, I totally forgot to show you all the beautiful flowers that our office gave me for “Administrative Assistant’s Day” 🙂 

Aren't they sweet!?

Nothing like a gorgeous set of flowers to brighten up a work day! 

I love the heart that it is shaped into!

Oh, and now my bamboo has a buddy 😉

Date Night.

Anyway, it’s FRIDAY! Can’t wait to start the weekend.  Only about 7 more hours to go!  Tonight, I’m going out to see Date Night with a guy friend after my workout at the gym.  I’ve heard good things and hope it lives up to the ratings!  I love Tina Fey and Steve Carell, so I’m thinking it can’t be bad!

Back to yesterday’s eats.  When I got home from work, I had a snack wrap of laughing cow with sugar free blackberry jam on a flat out light.



golden delicious.

Not as good as gala, but it did the trick and fueled me with some carbs for my workout!

I befriended my stationary bike, yet again, trying to avoid the same workout two days in a row (elliptical/gym machines).  I biked for about an hour, catching up on my Facebook page & watching “Friends“.

I decided it was time to refuel after burning off about 300 calories.

enter: orange carb. 

sweet tater.

I’m digging how clear my photos have been thanks to the glorious sunshineee.

enter: sweet protein.

fat free cottage cheese

1/2 C. = 70 calories, 0g fat, 12g protein.

Eaten straight from the container. I know, classy, right?

 What can I say?  I was home by myself and I didn’t feel like making extra dishes.  There were already several waiting for me in the sink from the family that were used while I was at work. Yippee.  Probably ate 1.5 servings + some drizzled crack SF Log Cabin. 

I was bored with nothing else to do, so I went back to watch some episodes on the laptop.  I also downloaded the new Robert Pattinson movie, “Remember Me” while I biked for another hour, burning another 300 calories

Time for more protein!  And I had some cake batter on the brain.

Protein Shake

Small handful berries + spinach + 1 scoop Optimum Nutrition cake batter whey protein.


I also knew I needed some veggies in my life, so I opted for some steamfresh cauliflower out of the freezer.

I wanted something creamy, so I blended the cauliflower with some Sugar Free syrup & cinnamon for an oatmeal tasting flavor.

Cauliflower soup!

Sounds & looks gross, tastes awesome.

Almost looks like applesauce?

Next time, I’m going to microwave some chopped apple & add it to the mixture.  I think that’ll be like apple cinnamon oatmeal!!?  YUMMMMM.

Next on the checklist was a shower.  A much desired one at that.  I could seriously fall asleep in the shower or bath.  Anytime.  Not in any other than my own, obvi.

I jumped into my coziest pair of sweats and decided to embark on some coffee making for refrigeration and successful iced coffee creation later down the road.


This was no ordinary coffee though,

this was Caftea Birthday Cake coffee!


UHHHHHmazing.  I knew just by the aroma that it was going to be fantastic.  Buttery, sweetness filled the air.  You can buy this in my OpenSky Shop if you’d like to try it!   SERIOUSLYYou’ll love it.

I settled down and unwound, sipping my coffee, by packing my lunch.

the line up.

Typical suspects: Veg tubsliced yellow pepper, broccoli, cherry tomato, carrots, and cucumbers; FF cottage cheese+sugar free syrup+cinnamon; Fiber Select for crunchy cottage cheese topping; Homemade honey mustard for veg. dippin’

I also realized, I have not been photographing my breakfasts.  NOOOO this does not mean, I’m not EATING them.  I just am usually in a rush in the morning, trying to get everything ready for work and forget to snap a pic when it’s something I don’t have prepared ahead of time.  As of late, it’s been the same thing every morning anyway, because it keeps me full for EVER and tastes yummy everytime.  Simply a protein shake with 1C. Fiber Select mixed in.  The shake trumps milk on my cereal because of the 24g of protein!  Don’t worry, it’s got Calcium, too!


Reminder!  Only a few days left to enter my snackTAXI and Custom Choice Cereal giveaways!! If you don’t act quickly, you might miss out on Danica’s giveaway of these neat Furochic reuseable gift wraps!

Happy Friday to you all!  Any exciting weekend plans?  In my future, I’m seeing Date Night, gym plans, softball games, and outdoor adventures for the weekend! 😉


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