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SnackTAXI Winner & Weekend Hilights!

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Verse of the Day:

“Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”

– Hebrews 7:25

I know you’re all super psyched to find out who won an adorable snackTAXI, so I gueeeeeeeeeessss I won’t keep you in suspense for any longer 🙂

Orrrr maybe I will. 

My weekend didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was fabulous none-the-less.


Friday: Movie with a friend ended up being a chill night

after I snacked on these: 

Chococonut Granola Bar from Nature's Path



Pitted date = nature's candy.

for fuel and hitting the gym. 

Saturday: Softball tournament with the fam ended up being a trip to Lancaster with my girl, Mandy for some shopping.

Abercrombie is seriously dangerous for my wallet.

 We spent most of our time at the Park City Mall, but we also hit some adorable vintage stores beforehand and I used the bathroom in a Health Foods store, where I couldn’t resist buying some of these bars:


Two of the very same dress, because they were on a GREAT sale & I couldn't decide between colors.

Gnu Bars!

I also got to pick up my painted cereal bowl from Jen’s Potery Den,

The crackle paint is my fave.

which I’m pretty pumped about.  It turned out pretty cute, don’t you agree?

move over, Anthropologie 😉


Sunday: Rest day ended up at the gym, then finishing up work on the house,

Little sister Freckled Foodie messing with the drill!

& then a movie night with Ry. 


We saw “Date Night“, which I thought was hysterical.  Tina Fey + Steve Carell is a winning combination. 

Eats were sporadic, yet delectable and for the most part, well-balanced.

I took part in some chocolate eating, naturally 😉:

Banana Fudge Vitatop = 100 calories.

Diana's Banana Babies = 130 calories.

Some GREAT salads with some produce I picked up at the Farmer’s Market on Friday during my lunch break:

Alfalfa sprouts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, & broccoli with Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar.

Broccoli, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, snap peas, tomato, & homemade honey mustard.

andddddd a NOT SO GREAT $10 salad from the Saladworks at the Food Court in the mall.

Skimpy on the toppings! Green beans, baby spinach, carrots, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber with balsamic light on the side.

The crusty wheat roll that came with it was pretty yummy though.  It came out all warm and soft on the inside with a flaky crust.  Washed down with Diet Green Tea.

Guess it’s just proof that if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself! 😉

Some other random eats from the weekend included:

Fiber Gourmet Rotini + Green Beans & Light Ragu.

Strawberry protein shake poured over 1 C. of Fiber Select for breakfast.

Simple breakfasts are what I crave.  I ❤ cereal, what can I say?!

Loupe eaten 1/2 at at time 😉

Scooped out with a spoon!

Gala apple.

Sweet, crunchy and juicy!

And nowwwwww the snackTAXI winner.  Since you’ve been so patient 😉

CONGRATS, TAYDOR TOTT 😉 Please email me your address so I can ship you your own snackTAXI!

I hope all of your weekends were as sweet as mine!  Even if everything didn’t quite go “as planned” 😉

Happy Monday!


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  1. Glad you had a great weekend despite things turning out a little different. I have heard so many good things about Date Night. I can’t wait until it comes on DVD since it is hard for us to make it to the movies.

  2. Thanks from all of us at Diana’s Bananas for making us part of your healthy lifestyle! Yes, only 130 calories – and they’re gluten free, too! Keep up the healthy eating and thanks again,

    Susan Burns
    Social Marketing, Diana’s Bananas


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