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I’m A Murderer.

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Verse of the Day:  

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” 

– Luke 19:10 

It’s official.  I have slain a live animal.  On my way to the gym yesterday after work, I hit my first squirrel 😦  I swear it came from out of no where!! I was just about in tears.  I was praying that it didn’t suffer at all and I’m pretty sure it didn’t, considering I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw something pretty ugly.  This is going to sound absurd, but the blogger in me seriously contemplated going back to document aka photograph the accident so you guys could mourn the animal death with me. HA. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll start at the beginning

Breakfast yesterday was pretty boring.  But cereal is exciting for me!  Any other cereal lovers out there?! 

in my new, hand-painted bowl!

In place of milk, I use water blended with 4 ice cubes + 1 scoop Cake Batter Optimum Nutrition protein powder.  LOVE that protein! 

When I got to work, I sipped on this AWESOME iced Caftea Birthday Cake coffee I mixed with a little SF Vanilla Torani Syrup at my desk. 

My snackTAXI is in the washing machine, so I shamefully opted for a ziplock baggie for my wrap!  Don’t worry, though, I use them over & over again!

Lunch was some steamfresh broccoli topped with reduced sugar ketchup with 3/4C. egg beaters + reduced sugar ketchup mixed, along with a La Tortilla Factory low-carb high fiber wheat wrap with a wedge of Sonoma Jacks pepperjack cheese & Splenda. 

I opened my mail when I got home from work to find this exciting package from Lainie at Eggland’s Best

100 Winning Recipes!

It’s the 2010 Pillsbury Bake-Off 100 Winning Recipes Cookbook!  Just a little reminder, you can actually WIN YOUR OWN by submitting a recipe on the Eggland’s Best site, as I announced in this post, by April 30th

After scanning through the pages, I got changed and hit the gym for an hour of cardio on the elliptical.  For some reason, I wasn’t hungry for a snack between work & the gym today. 

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store, mainly because I was craving a big bowl of veggies for dinner and my produce stash was completely depleted.  


It was a huge, beautiful bowl with just about each color of the rainbow represented 🙂  Broccoli, cauliflower, yellow pepper, tomato, cucumber, and spring mix on the bottom.  I topped the bowl with homemade honey mustard (1/4 C. SF syrup + mustard to taste) mixed with 1 whole can of light tuna.  

Post dinner plans were to shower, pack my lunch, and relax.  Our house was finally alllllllmost finished.  Now all that’s left to do it put the trim back on.  The hardwood floors are in, the hallway/living room is painted, and all of our photos have been re-hung! Check it out:



Living room.

Other side of the living room.

After admiring all the beauteous additions to our home (props to Poppa Freckled Foodie!),  I decided it was time for dessert.  I picked up some fresh strawberries at the grocery store, and knew exactly what I wanted to make. 


Sliced strawberries + frozen deep chocolate Vitatop topped with Oikos mixed with Calorie Free chocolate syrup from Walden Farms. 

Holy yum.

For some reason I prefer my Vitatops cold/frozen as opposed to warmed in the microwave? All I know is, this was the perfect ending to my Monday!  I caught up on Dancing With The Stars and One Tree Hill while consuming this, which only made it that much more enjoyable.  There’s some crazy stuff going on in the OTH world!!  Totally scandalous 😉 

Any OTH fans out there?  I missed part of the episode, so fill me in!! Maybe I’ll watch it online tonight 😉



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  1. As much as I like the subject line, I’m here to tell you that you are NOT a murderer, but if I killed a squirrel, I’m sure I’d feel just as bad.

    Ye olde dictionary says (paraphrased):

    murder: the crime of unlawfully killing especially with malice aforethought

    As far as I can tell you are completely without malice. 🙂 And I’m 100 percent sure you didn’t plan what happened. That makes it an accident. You are not guilty of “murder.”

    I’m always here lurking and enjoying your words and pictures even if I don’t comment much. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comfort 🙂 I just used it because I thought it was a pretty catchy title for a post! 😉

      Glad to know you’re “lurking”. I’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff on your blog as well!

      I’m loving the dictionary reference, btw 😀 Hehe.

  2. eep! sorry about the killing. i hit a raccoon once. traumatizing! that is funny you eat vitas cold! i put mine in the toaster.

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