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Allen’s Vegetables + Recipe Contest!

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Exciting news in the wonderful world of vegetables!  The largest privately held vegetable company in the nation, Allens, Inc. has announced that it will be holding a FEAST YOUR VEGGIES ON THIS recipe contest in which the finalists will be judged on innovation, flavor, and visual appeal for a chance to win a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Allens brand vegetables. 

Runner ups will receive a SIX month supply!  In celebration of the contest, Allens was kind enough to send me three of their tasty blend to try out! 

Allens is a family-owned and operated company, which I’m a total fan of and are headquartered in Siloam Springs, AR with a wide variety of canned goods and frozen blends, along with seasoned blends and original varieties.  Almost anything you can think of!  Greens, beans, hominy, cabbage, carrots, peas, succotash, and potatoes.  I didn’t even put a DENT in the full list!  The three cans that I received included:  Seasoned Pinto Beans with Vidalia Onions, Seasoned Green Beans & Potatoes with Vidalia Onions, and Squash with Vidalia Onions.  Good thing I like vidalias, huh!? 🙂

Squash with Vidalia Onions

First up was my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE squash.  I love it even more when I don’t have to prepare & season it myself! The convenience of these cans which are already seasoned to perfection make quick and easy side dishes that make pulling together a healthy dinner easy peasy. 

Each serving is only 25 calories!  That’s probably for the better since I could eat the entire can in one sitting.  No shame.  Haha.  It’s okay!  They’re vegeeeeeetables.  The only thing you have to be careful of is the sodium content.  Being canned, I expected those stats to be a lot worse, though!

Another weird note:  I liked this cold!  Straight from the can.  I’ll bet it’s yummy warm though, too! 

Seasoned Pinto Beans with Vidalia Onions.

Seasoned Pinto Beans with Vidalia Onions.  This had mexican dish written all over it.  As you may remember, I used mine to make bean burritos


and mexican salads!  Deeelish.  The onions in these canned goods aren’t overwhelming and strong.  They’ve got more of a subtle sweet taste that only adds to the spices and beany flavoring. 

They’re packed with protein & fiber, as you can see:

And contain 20% of your DV Iron in just 110 calories!

Last but not least, we’ve got the Seasoned Green Beans & Potatoes with Vidalia Onions.

Seasoned Green Beans & Potatoes with Vidalia Onions

Being that I’m not particularly a fan of white potatoes, I tossed those from the can and just ate the green beans and onions.  Don’t worry!  They didn’t go to waste.  I microwaved them for about 1 min. added a splash of milk and butter, mashed them, added a dash of parsley, and served them to the ff sister, who DOESN’T even like onions, but LOVES mashed potatoes.  She asked me when I had time to make homemade mashed potatoes?! Haha.  When I told her they were from a can containing a food that she despised, she couldn’t believe it!  That’s how mild the oniony taste is.  The green beans were good by themselves too!  If you like home cookin’, these seasoned blends are for you.  They taste buttery and homemade just like the ones you get on holidays with rare family get-togethers.

However, unlike the fat laden dishes around the family table,  this green bean medley has just 40 calories per serving along with 10% of your DV Vitamin C!  Sodium again, is a little high, but what do you expect from the canned stuff?

As I was trying these products on their own, I was conjuring up alllll kinds of different ways I could use them in some KILLER recipes.  I know you guys are creative, so now is your chance to be rewarded for it!  Here’s how to enter:

To enter the contest, all you have to do is complete an entry form online or you can send a post card or 3X5 index card with your name, address, and contact information, along with your original recipe to: The Allens Feast Your Veggies on This Contest c/o 6110 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus Ohio, 43231 or you can post it on Allens’ Facebook wall!  You’ve gotta hustle, though!  Contest ends May 15, 2010 and winners will be chosen June 1st!   For more information, checkout the website!  Thanks for the info, and hooking us up, Lesley!


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