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I Had A Ball-Friday Night

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I started my weekend Friday afternoon when I got home from work with this no-fail snack.

greek yogurt + cinnamon + sf syrup with apple slices for dipping.

 Then I hit the gym for an hour-long cardio sesh on the elliptical at levels 7-10, burning 700 calories.  I did some brief weight work, just the typical hip abductors/adductors & some ab stuff, but I knew I had to get home in time to shower up and get ready for the little sisters’ chorus concert. 

I made a quick salad when I got home from the gym

greens, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, and homemade black raspberry vinaigrette.

The homemade dressing was made of SF black raspberry Polaner jelly + fiber (melted in the microwave) and apple cider vinegar mixed in.  I actually had to stick an ice-cube in there too to cool it down when it was finished melting.  Turned out perfectly!  I needed some whole grains in my life so I ate it with this Light Flat Out spread with more SF jelly & Sonoma Jacks.

all rolled up and heated in the microwave for maximum doughy-ness 😉

I went to the concert with my Dad.  The chorus sang beautifully.  I tried to upload a video of it, but my email was acting up, so I didn’t push it too hard.

The group.

It made me reminisce my high school days and it was so weird being back in our old auditorium, yet again.

Afterward, the family went to Pizza Delight, since they hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  I snagged this chemical liquid

Pepsi Max with Lime

While they ordered all sorts of fried wonders:

French fries, broccoli & cheese bites, and fried pickles!

The fried pickles were a new addition to the menu.

Sister freckled foodie with a pickle.

Her friend, Paige is creepin’ in the background.  Paigy is such a cutiepie!

We had a fun rest of the night hanging out at the house & goofing around.



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