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I Had A Ball-Saturday

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I knew it would be an early morning since I wanted to get a workout in before I left for Messiah, to watch my sister play softball.  I also had yet to find a dress for the dance afterward, so I wanted to stop on the way down to find one.

Before leaving for the gym, I ate some chocolate 🙂

Vitatop style, of course!

An hour & five on the elliptical for some nice easy cardio, burnin’ up 700 calories, and then doing some plyometrics afterward. 

  • 3 sets of 30 in-and-outs
  • 3 sets of 1 min. full planks
  • 3 sets of 20 bicycles
  • 3 sets of 20 each hip adductors/abductors each with about 100 lbs.

I had some packing to do when I got home, so I cut it a tad short.

I made this glass of creamy protein when I got home as well

thick & dreamy.

I was amazed at the difference between shakes made with xanthan gum (from Janetha!) & the ones without.  No more watered down taste!  This was just like a strawberry milkshake!


1 scoop Optimum Nutrition cake batter whey protein + 4 strawberries + 4 ice cubes + 1/2 tbsp. xanthan gum + water.

After the shake, I showered and packed up for the weekend.

I knew I’d need provisions because they were having a cook out after their double-header.  The game started at 1PM, so usually they get finished around 4:30PM and they have everything grilled up and ready to go around 5-5:30PM.

all the goods.

Into the cooler went some homemade honey mustard for dipping these:


Sugar snap peas with cherry tomatoes on the bottom, celery & sliced yellow pepper (left),  and broccoli & cauliflower (right).


Along with Fiber One & greek yogurt (breakfast Sunday), 2 light whole wheat english muffins for lunch/dinner, 2 fat free hot dogs and 1 Gardenburger in a baggie with some reduced sugar Heinz, for proteins of the day, and 2 gala apples.
I got to Kohl’s around 12:30 when I broke into my packed lunch in the parking lot.  After consumed, I went in looking for a semi-formal dress and came out with this cute thing.  I didn’t waste much time and practically came out with the only thing I tried on.  I wanted to get to the game!

it works.


Their softball team pretty much rocks and were the National Champs last year!

champs banner!

I got to watch the sister run the bases!  She was a pinch runner.

numba 19.

They won the first game, but lost the 2nd one.  In between, I somehow managed to get my flip flops stolen.  We went down to the creek to cool off,

Yellow Breeches.

dipping our feet in and naturally slipped off our shoes.  After all, it was about 90º!  Everyone was roasting and getting burnt.  I don’t think the heist was on purpose, seeing as how the theif left a pair of similar looking white flip flops in their place, however, it was definitely an upgrade for them since mine were nearly brand new and bright white! 

The cookout was fun and lots of food was eaten.  I happily ate out of my cooler with everyone else. 

We had a DANCE to get ready for, so after the cook out we went up to the dorms, showered, and prettied up.

sorry for the blurr!

The sister took the rest of the photos from the dance with her camera, so I’ve gotta wait until she emails them to me to share with ya’ll, but it was an absolute blast.  I learned to swing dance and was approached by a cute Messiah senior, who I ended up hanging out with the rest of the night.  Literally, I did not sit down ONCE.  Dancing the night away has a new meaning to this gal 😉

We took a 3am trip to Sheetz after showering from the dance, and I picked out the infamous sugar-free jello bites that I always get and some watermelon with Diet Green Tea [no photo, sorrry!]

I slept like a rocK!


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