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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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 It takes a strong man to live in a house of four women, but he has done it with patience, care, and understanding.  Incase I haven’t ever told him how much I admire him, I do.  I appreciate all the sacrifices he’s made for our family and I love him very much.  I can’t even count how many times he has worked through the night to get things done so that he could be part of our lives and I remember hearing stories about him working 3 jobs at once while I was a baby, making it through some pretty tough times.  I’m so proud of everything that he has accomplished! He’s created his own, successful business as a professional engineer, created a loving and safe home for our family, and been a great example of what a man of God looks like.  If I can find a man to treat me, the way my Dad treats my Mom, I will be one lucky lady!  I cherish all the times he and I have had together, like our many AAU basketball endeavors, and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ preseason game last year.  I hope Poppa Freckled Foodie has an amazing day, and that he takes some time to relax and enjoy it!  Love you, Daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


2003♥ holy chubby cheeks 😉

Now, on to the eats…

Protein milk + Fiber Select = no fail brekkie.

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition cake batter whey protein + 4 ice cubes + water.

Yes, that bowl is an Easter egg, and yes,  I am aware that Easter is over.  I still think it’s pretty cute, though 😉  Until I build up my stash of cute blog bowls, I will continue to use non-seasonal ones.  Heck, I might even whip out my Santa bowl tomorrow! Ha.

Lunch was packed the night before and consumed at my desk at work.

Vegetable tub, Light Flat Out w/ Sonoma Jacks, Quorn roasted turkey round, & homemade honey mustard for dippage.

In the veggie tub, you could find: cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato (bottom), and some carrots (bottom).

up, close, & personal.

I just love my snackTAXIs!  Seriously, how cute are they!?  Hopefully, they’ll soon be available in MY SHOP!

At my desk, I had some iced birthday cake coffee that really perked me up, early afternoon.

After work, before I left for the gym, I had this snackage material:

Sugar Free Cinnamon Rice Pudding! YUM.


baby apple.

I’m not so much a fan of the greener apples, but this was what we had at home.  I was actually going to make a green monster with some Diet V8, this apple, and some frozen spinach, but Poppa FF drank the last of it! 🙂  I asked him if he liked it and he replied, “No, but it’s all we had to drink in the house”…haha.  And to think I was all proud of him for his nutritious drink choice 😉

I had a nice workout at the gym, while I watched two “King of Queens” episodes, which crack me up no matter how many times I’ve seen them.  I just love Doug & Carrie.  It was the one where Doug decides to open his own sandwich shop!  Anyone know what I’m talking about?? I was on the elliptical for about an hour and 5 min. burning 700 calories at levels 7-10

When I got home, I was famished!  I immediately threw a bag of steamfresh veggies in the microwave.  California blend, to be exact, which includes broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower.  I mixed up some Janetha inspired protein:

1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese + 1/2 C. garbanzo beans + 1 tsp. ranch seasoning.

To top off my veggies.  I also used one of my Fiber Gourmet pasta containers full of rotini noodles for the base, but you can’t really see it in the photos!

oodles of noodles 🙂 150 calories.

Here are the players:

Ranch seasoning, ff cottage cheese, stewed tomatoes, garbanzoooo beans.

the final product?


This probably has a boat load of sodium in it, but man, was it delicious! 

protein & veggie combo that's outta this worldd.

I’m loving the color filling the bowl, too!

Dessert was this bowl of yummy oikos + calorie free chocolate syrup + a handful of frozen strawberries:

You can't see the berries, but they're in there I promise!

After dessert & my shower, I packed my lunch and finally sat down to facebook & watch OTH + Gossip Girl! Sex scandals galore!!!

Speaking of scandalous, check out this crazy vitatop giveaway at She Fit! 🙂  I hope you don’t win though, because I’d really love to!



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