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Cabot Reduced Fat Cheeses

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Cabot Cheese was kind enough to send me an awesome package of some of their reduced fat cheeses for me to try out and review for you guys!  I know you’re probably shocked to hear that since cheese is usually off limits to dieters.


Everyone knows that while eating healthy, lots of saturated fat is a no-no.  However, lots of the most tasty foods, such as cheese, are also the ones highest in fat.  Cabot Cheese has made it possible to still enjoy the nutty, hand-crafted flavors while still maintaining your diet.  In fact, low fat dairy is highly recommended when trying to lose weight because it has been proven to help your body burn fat! 

There are even several varieties to choose from, so your tastebuds will never get bored!  In the 50% Reduced Fat category, there is

Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar

This stuff has a nutty taste, and a great texture.  Not grainy, like some cheeses I’ve tried in the past.  It also melts really well! I could use it in pasta sauces, mixed with eggs in omeletts, or broiled over veggies in the oven!  Amazingly gooey and tastes heavenly all melty.

Reduced Fat Jalapeno/Pepperjack

As you probably know from my daily posts, I have pepperjack light cheese wedges almost every single day, so most of your are fully aware of my love affair with pepperjack cheese!  This stuff is seriously AWESOME .  If you’re looking to add a little spice to your life, this cheese is the way to go.  It even won the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in March 2007!  Try it in a quesedilla with black beans & onions!  MMmm!

Reduced Fat Omega-3 DHA Cheddar

Each one-ounce serving provides 32 mg of renewable, vegetarian source of Omega-3 DHA – giving you 20% of your 160 mg daily requirement of DHA.  Incase you’re a little “behind on the times” 😉 Omega-3 DHA is important for normal development and crucial for brain, nervous system, and eye function throughout life.  Alll with the same great taste as the original!  I couldn’t tell the difference!  I loved it grated over my salads at meal time!

You can check here to see where Cabot cheeses are available in a store near you, or just do it the easy way and shop online!  Thanks so much, Sara for giving me a chance to get the Cabot experience! 🙂


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