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Happy Belated!

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Verse of the Day:

“If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.”

Matthew 18:15

Since I’ve made it apparent that I do NOT blog on weekends, due to the fact that I think EVERYONE needs to be awayy from their computers and just UNPLUG for awhile, I’d like to say…


to all of you amazing women out there who have brought new life into the world 🙂

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As you may know, my family is constantly on the go.  We rarely have an unscheduled weekend, especially during the Spring/Summer months.  There’s always something, mainly sports related.  Mother’s Day weekend was no exception.  Friday night, there were softball games and such on the schedule for my parents. 


Metro Bank Park

I, however, went to the Senator’s baseball game with a guy that I met at Messiah.  We met for dinner and headed to the game, where we ironically ended up sitting right next to his friends!  We didn’t know they were going, but the coincidence was really nice!  We enjoyed the fireworks afterward, too, followed by a walk across the lit up bridge from the island to the city!  I loved the new ball park, by the way!  The boardwalk & extra grand stands make it so neat!

The bridge.

Saturday, I woke up and hit the gym in the morning.  I did about 8.6 miles in 1 hour on the elliptical on levels 7-10, followed by a little bit of strength training.  I knew I had a lot to get done before Mother’s Day, so I had to make efficient use of my time while the family was at my sister’s tournament. 

Breakfast was nothing notable or photogenic, just a light flat out with some SF apricot jam.  When I got home from my workout, I also made a protein shake.

After my shower, getting ready, and tidying up the house, I made some lunch before I left for shopping.  I was in the mood for pizza, so that’s exactly what I had:

light flat out, pizza sauce, mushroom, minced onion, & nutritional yeast powder.

 Healthy pizza is soooo good!


 To get in some veggies, I had a little bit of steamed broccoli on the side, too:

dipped in reduced sugar ketchup, obv. 😉

All in all, I got a lot done shopping and made it home by about 6PM.  I purchased some “cool” denim capris for my Mom, since that’s what she wanted, along with a ceramic display plate that I planned to paint and design myself when I got home. 


It turned out alright, but I was disappointed that the paint wasn’t waterproof.  The guy at the craft store even told me it would be alright with water!  Must’ve been a  newbie.  Ahhh well.

I’m not sure what was for dinner, to be honest because I don’t have any photographic documentation?  Sorry! 

I do know, however that Sunday morning, my sister and I made my Mom breakfast in bed:

boring colors, huh?

I scrambled up an egg & cheese omelet, with a side of cinnamon raisin bagel & carmelized apples with brown sugar & butter.  Not particularly healthy, but it was Mother’s Day, and I figured her breakfast should be a little indulgent 🙂  Oh, and coffee in a travel mug since we had to leave pretty directly for another fun filled day of softball.

My breakfast was a little bit different 😉

Cereal & protein milk.

Yes, another SOC in my amazing Cali bowl.

For lunch, I packed some stuff because I knew we’d be at a tournament with only concession stand provisions available, aka greasy burgers & hot dogs. 
I packed some Oikos plain greek yogurt with sf apricot jam for mixing, a light flat out for wrapping up some veggies & sonoma jacks, and lots of sliced broccoli, bell peppers, cucumber, and carrots.  Lunch was a little camera shy 😉

The girls won the first game, but lost the second, so we were headed home by about 2:30, leaving us enough time to prepare a nice sit dow meal for my Mom & grandparents.  It consisted of these components:



steamed broccoli.



I had some chicken, broccoli, and I made myself a sweet potato in the microwave 🙂

Then came dessert.  It was no-bake cheesecake for them and greek yogurt + an apple for me!


I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?  If it’s not broke, why fix it, right?!

After dinner & dessert were enjoyed, my sisters and I cleaned everything up, while the Mommas enjoy a little R&R.  Gifts were given, and lunches were packed that night as well. 

Hope all of your weekends were fantastic, and you were able to enjoy some time with your Moms! 🙂

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  1. I ❤ that plate and the nutritional yeast on the pizza! I add hummus with the nut yeast


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