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Easy Lunch Boxes Review & Giveaway!

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Thank you SO much to Kelly and Easy Lunch Boxes for sending me some sweeet lunch packing tools for my review! 

If you’re a “packer” like myself, or you have children to provide lunches for, you’ve GOT to get yourself some of these.  They have changed the way I do lunch & saved me an incredible amount of time and energy, two things I KNOW you guys could use a little more of 😉

Each container has three compartments, one large and two smaller.  The large one is best for entrees…I, of course, used it for my veggies because we all know I always pack a BOATLOAD of them. 


 I love how they stack right on top of each other, taking up a minimal amount of space in the lunch box!  The website says they’re actually NOT leak-proof, and that you shouldn’t put “wet” food in them, but my homemade honey mustard held up just fine!  No leakage at all, due to the stable stacking of the containers, which held everything upright!

all packed up!

Not only is it great for portion control, but it also helps reduce the amount of dishes that need to be washed when I get home from work!  Check out the comparison!  They’re even DISHWASHER, FREEZER, REFRIGERATOR & MICROWAVE SAFE!


I used to have several containers in my lunch bag, all shoved into my tiny pink lunch tote, which left me with numerous containers to scrub or jam into the dishwasher. 


Now, it’s as easy as this!  Just three equal sized containers! Which easily slide into the dishwasher, leaving SO much more room for other plates and dirty dishes.   Literally, the easiest lunch box system you’ll find out there.

cute colors, too!

Being eco-friendly is another asset that these Easy Lunch Boxes put on the table.  No more wasting ziplock baggies for sandwiches & wraps!  They’re BPA-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic lunch boxes.

They came in this perfectly-sized cooler, which can easily fit two or three of the food trays!  With two of the trays, I could even fit an ice pack inside!  They even come in cute colors like Olive, Purple, Aqua, Dark Red, and Black.

On the website, they’ve got all kinds of creative ideas for packed lunches that you can make at home!  With FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50, you can order them online, too!  They’ve even got a new low price on the pack of 4 containers just for you!

The generous people at Easy Lunch Boxes have ALSO offered to host a giveaway for ONE lucky FRECKLED FOODIE winner to receive their very own Easy Lunch Box systemWant to enter?

  1. Check out the Easy Lunch Box website and tell me which cooler color your would choose!
  2. Become a fan of Easy Lunch Boxes on Facebook and leave another comment telling me you’ve done so.
  3. Link back about this contest on your blog and leave another comment telling me about it! 🙂

Contest will end on Monday, May 17th, 2010!  GOOD LUCK! 

24 responses »

  1. love the purple 🙂

  2. Their website is super cute! I Would pick the maroon lunch box 🙂

  3. I love the green color, its my favorite for sure!

    jlizgar at msn dot com

  4. Im a fan of easy lunch boxes on facebook!

  5. I would choose the aqua! So bright and fun!

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  7. I would pick the purple one. I like how its brightly colored.

  8. The green ones are my favorite:)

  9. I am a fan on FB now!

  10. Those look handy dandy! I would choose the purple one. It is my favorite color at the moment.

  11. And I became a fan on facebook!

  12. I think I’d choose the Olive! 🙂

  13. I’d choose the Dark Red, that way I could get my fiance to use it too!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I would choose black!

  15. Green- it just seems ‘right’ for healthy food! lol

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  17. Wow, love that they are dishwasher safe!!
    I would totally choose the purple cooler–I mean, who doesn’t love purple?

  18. i am totally loving the purple cooler – perfectly bright for spring and summer! awesome giveaway – these look like the perfect thing i need to pack my lunch everyday!

  19. I would choose the purple cooler. That is the favorite color of my daughter, the would be user!

  20. I like Easy Lunchboxes on FB

    Erin B.H.

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  22. sclotdebro

    I’d love to win the purple cooler for my daughter.

    Susan (at) cravingthesavings (dot) com

  23. sclotdebro

    Clicked the “like” button on Facebook for Easylunchboxes.

    Susan (at) cravingthesavings (dot) com

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