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Adventures Of My Weekend Part III + Giveaway Winner!

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Soooo you’re catching up on your blog reading and wondering when the heck I’m going to announce the winner of the AWESOME Easy Lunch Box giveaway, right?!? Well….juuuuust be patient 🙂  While we’re on topic, speaking of giveawaysss, check out this yummy preserves giveaway over at Michelle’s Lucky Taste Buds!

Sunday morning started out on the right foot with my go-to breakfast of an SOC (smoothie over cereal)

in one of my fave Zak Designs bowls.

 Completely satisfying.  After breakfast, it was time ot leave for church with my family.  The sermon was really good, actually.  We broke down the verse in the comandment in the Bible not to use the Lord’s name in vain.  Our pastor brought it to our attention that the verse not only is refering to our speech, but also our lifestyles.  If we call ourselves Christians, we are to set an example of how Christ wants us to act for others.  We should practice what we preach, because if we don’t, we bring shame to His name.  

After church, around 12PM, I snacked on another light string cheese & an apple before the main course!  We were having yet another family gathering at our house for THIS cutie’s birthday:


 When everyone got there and we settled in, prayed, and socialized a bit, it was time to dig into lunch!  Menu for them?  Mashed potatoes, roast beef, corn, and stuffing.  Menu for me?  Salad, hard boiled eggs, & a light flat out spread with SF apricot preserves

salad plate!

The rest of the day, I basically grazed and snacked the rest of the day.  While the family enjoyed the cake & ice cream, I snacked on watermelon

H2O Melon.

 Tottttttally juicy & refreshing!

Later on I also had some SF Strawberry Jello.  An entire bowl, actually 😉


We had blast outside and thoroughly enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather.  It was a bit breezy, but sunshiney and bright! I was on a mission to get a tan 😉

Later in the night, I had some of my SF vanilla ice cream & another salad like the one pictured above!  Handfuls of veggies from this array were eaten throughout the day, too.  Sans dip, of course.

Cukes are my fave 🙂

After a long day, most of the family left, we cleaned up, and I packed my lunch for Monday.

Then, my bestie, who recently found out she is PREGO, called me for a maternity clothing fashion show at her house 🙂  There were a bunch of yard-sale items that her Mom wanted her to go through.  We had a blast weeding out all the “NO-way’s” and the “ICk!’s” and finding some “hidden treasures” that she would soon be able to wear with her growing belly!  It was a perfect way to end my night.  Lots of laughs were had.  I really miss times like that with her!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for….

The lucky winner of the Easy Lunch Box issssss…


Congratulations, girl!  Please email me your address & phone number at so I can hook you up with your Easy Lunch Box! 🙂


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