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Holy flipping YUM.  They hit this product name on the head. 

A multitude of “thank yous” goes out to those classy peeps at YUMNUTS for sending me some of their flavored cashews to review.  Mind you, these are not just ANY flavored cashews.  YUMNUTS are simply divine

Before I start, lemme shoot you the facts:

Sweet deal, right!? None of that fake stuff like high fructose corn syrup, added oils to make the fat content sky rocket and the nuts greasy, and zero grams trans fat!  One of the most beautiful families I’ve ever come across 😉

I got to try four of the six flavor and was muy impressed with the quality.  They were fresh, with perfect crunch and chew.  The aroma of the cocoa filled the air when I tore open the bag of Chocolate, in savage-like form, of course.  Can I just say, that this should mean ALOT to you considering you NEVER see me eating nuts?  These were totally exceptional

The stats aren’t too shabby either!  Lots of healthy fats!  Guilt-free chocolate?  Si, por favor!

My second fave was the Toasted Coconut.  This tropical treat will woo you with it’s subtle coconutty flavoring and same great crunch as the chocolate.  For a real treat, eat the chocolate & coconut together! PHENOM. Almond joy, anyone?

 The only thing I wasn’t too keen on with these nuts was the fact that there is added sugar in the ingredients lists.  Then again, a little indulgence never hurt anyone, right?!

Lastly, we’ve got the Spicy Cajun variety.  Truly, I didn’t think I would like these, mainly because my spicy tooth seems to have gone missing…These, however we awesome!  It was pretty much impossible to stop at just one. 

The garlic, paprika, onion, and spices are the perfect blend of seasonings for this nut.  They really shine through in this snack!  The Spicy Cajun YUMNUTS would really be great on top of a basic leafy salad, or ground up in some spicy hummus made with chickpeas!!

Muchas gracias to the folks at YUMNUTS for giving this Freckled Foodie something new to rave about!  You can get your own here!


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  1. Those look absolutely delicious! I love cashews


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