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Thanks so much to the folks from Sweet Leaf Iced Teas for sending me some of their flavorful & refreshing, diet teas!  They make so many lip-smacking varieties that you’ll have a hard time choosing which is your favorite!  I know I did.  With Summer just around the corner, you’ll need a tasty beverage, packed with a zesty boldness, to quench your thirst!  Nothin’ like a sweet tea on a hot, summery day.

Before I get to all the goodies, let’s start at the beginning, when these two hunks, Clayton & David

thought up this brilliant plan

and started brewing this fabulous potion

and the rest was


Sweet Leaf Iced Teas were born!  The family of flavors will have you wishing  you could KISS these guys:  The Original Sweet Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, Citrus Green Tea, Mint & Honey Green Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea, Peach Sweet Tea, Lemon & Lime Unsweet Tea, Original Lemonade, Half & Half Lemonade Tea, Diet Original Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Sweet Tea, & Diet Citrus Green Tea.

Diet Family.

Let me just preface by saying, I am kind of a tea snob.  My Mom has made the “best sweet tea” of anyone I’ve ever known since the time I was little.  Of course hers packed in a whopping two cups of sugar per batch.  Still, nothing could compare to the taste.  I hate to say it, but MOM, you’ve met your match!  These Diet teas are honestly SO flavorful.  If no one told me the difference, I would completely be convinced that they are full-calorie, sugar laden teas

Here’s your proof!


Even cooler?  They’ve got a spot on their site where you can find “mixers & fixers” for concocting your very own mixed drinks at home!  Use the DIET, and you’ll save a TON of calories.
But COOLEST?! They’re a charitable company who believes in giving back. 

You’ve gotta love a giver 🙂  Check out where you can find a bottle near you!


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  2. And they’re in Texas! 🙂

    I love their teas!!

  3. You ROCK! Thank you for posting such a sweet blog about our products! Granny (Mimi) would be proud.


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