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Tired of the same boring salad made of shredded, nutritionally lacking iceberg lettuce?  Want a more HEARTY base for amping up your favorite pasta?  Need something more flavorful as a foundation for your bowl of greens? EPIC ROOTS to the rescue!  There is SO much to say about the great things entailed with this company.  They’ve got a pot of gold on their hands called Mâche, which is and heirloom green, adored by Europeans, first appearing in the Renaissance period.  Grown in the mineral rich soil of Northern California, it arrives at restaurants and specialty grocers faster and fresher than imported produce.

For starters?  The eight artisianal Mâche mixes are absolutely stunning and are even more flavorful than they are beautiful.  I never knew a salad base could have to much taste all on its own.  The colors of the leaves are so fresh and vibrant looking, you can TELL that you’re giving your body something amazing and nutritious.

They’ve got a variety of blends to choose from, my favorite probably being the Salade Verte which was a seductively sweet & spicy melange of greens combining different textures, tastes, shapes, & colors!  The website describes it best and mentions that it is a modern twist on a traditional Provençal Mesclun blend.  Bold & dramatic, just the way I like my leaves 😉 

It was really neat how the back of each package had a recommended recipe in which the best pairings were listed.  For example, the Red Romance, a symphony of shades of red–Lolla Rosa, Red Leaf, Red Oak, and Red Romaine with Mâche, goes well with some dried cranberries & goat cheese or pears, whereas the nuttiness of the Mache Rosettes accompanies best meats & fish dishes sauteed or fresh.

Everyone knows that salad & greens are nutritional superstars, but did you know that an ENTIRE package (3.5 oz) of this stuff will only run you about 25 calories?!  Each serving is an EXCELLENT source of Omega-3s (12% of the RDA), Vitamins A & C, Iron, Folic Acid, and Zinc!

Each of the blends come in a ready-to-use clamshell plastic container, made of corn-based NatureWorks® biopolymer (Polyactide-PLA), which is an environmentally-friendly plastic derived from 100% annually renewable resources rather than traditional petroleum-based plastics.  Just another admirable trait of Epic Roots!

This review would not be possible without the generous, Jennifer who kindly sent me some Epic Roots for the review so I could share the goodness with you all! You’ve got to try this stuff!  Check out their website to learn where you can buy it in a store near you!


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  1. wow, I had never heard of this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. actorsdiet

    i’ve never heard of this either – i like the idea of an eco-friendly container though.

  3. sclotdebro

    I’ll have to look for this. I took a tour of the produce area at one of the Whole Foods near me. I didn’t realize Whole Foods stores have “ambassadors” who work with the community. One of my neighbors heard our WF store ambassador speak and asked her about products at the store for people with food allergies. She invited a group of us to meet with her about it (since my daughter has food allergies, I was included). After we talked about food allergies, she gave us a tour of the produce area and told me all sorts of interesting information about the produce. I never paid attention to the varieties of yams, for example. But she told me which taste “like candy” and which have the most healing properties. We can’t eat yams on my daughter’s diet, but I figure I need to get more familiar with all the different types of produce.

    She also told us about the different varieties of kale and introduced me to chard, which we’ll be adding to our diet next. I saw chard mix from Epic Roots so I’ll have to look for it at Whole Foods.

    Thanks for the review!


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