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Hey Friends! I’m back from the holiday weekend and have SO much to fill you in on.  In all fairness, I had better forewarn you that this post may, and probably will be ridiculously long.  That being said, I’m going to stop blabbing and start showing 😉

Friday night was kinda lame, but I knew the realities of needing some downtime before all the craziness of the weekend began.  I hit the gym, going on this yummy snack (one of two banana softserves of the weekend!)


ingredients for chocolate covered banana softserve.

 which turned to this:

with fiber one topping.

 with a little help from Bella.

The gym consisted of the classic workout

I came home, showered up, made a nice big summa salad for dinner:

colorful veggies.

steamed sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers, orange peppers, & tomatoes over mache mix.

And some fresh summer fruit were consumed for dessert!  Watermelon & strawberries, to be exact 😉

The rest of Friday was spend in complete relaxation mode after my shower, post workout.  Mandy came over and we hung out for awhile, helping my Momma get some cookies & such ready to take along to seester FF’s softball tournament in the AM.  I also experimented with my Wholesome Sweeteners and Fabulous Flats goodies!

Cinnamon Sugar breadsticks to be!

I sprayed the entire whole wheat pizza crust with some PAM, placed it on a baking sheet, sprinkled it with cinnamon & Organic Zero, and baked it for about 15-20 minutes.


 After the baking process was complete, I cut it into 6 portions (the serving size),


and stored in a tightly sealed container for quick snacks on the go! OF course I tried one. 

close up.

Tasted just like a graham cracker!

Saturday was a complete turn of events.  From a low-key chill night, to an on-the-go adventure day.

The gym was calling my name around 9AM (which is actually sleeping in for me!)  I did have breakfast, but there’s no photo proof, which is sad because it was yummy!

[insert photo here: 2 low-fat whole grain eggo waffles + 1/2C. FF cottage cheese & drizzle of SF syrup]

Again, same routine as Friday night–> I really need to switch it up! Any suggestions?

Afterward, I came home, biked for about 20 minutes, and hopped in the shower.  By this time, it was approx. 12 PM, so I grabbed some lunch


broccoli slaw over mache mix with light ragu & ff cottage cheese

and packed some snacks to take to the ArtsFest.

light string cheese, 1 sandwich flat, & 1 gala apple.

Mandy met me on Front St. because most of the riverfront was blocked off for ArtsFest 2010, and we somehow managed to find some on-street parking pretty close!

glazewear & pottery.

We got to check out some of the coolest handmade stuff I’ve ever seen! 

We didn’t buy much,

 because everything was crazy expensive

moster soap dish.

(especially the jewelry, which was our fave!)

I was in love with that octopus bracelet! {$120}

We listened to some great bands play

made some new pirate friends


tried on some original creations

and snatched up a bunch of home-cured meats for Poppa FF to try out when he got home!


Elk, buffalo, beef, and venison! I got him one of each 🙂

It was a hot day with lots of walking, but a ton of fun.

Next up, I went to watch the little sis play a softball game, where my circus buddy met me so we could leave for the show! We stopped at Subway on the way there, where I ordered a 6in. turkey sub.

He was all ready to go, and fit right in


 we saw tons of crazy stuff likeee

3 girls in a tiny glass box.

I don’t think ANY amount of yoga could get me to this point…:)

1,200.25 lbs.

Or any amount of strength training could get me to this point.

The animals were beautiful and well cared for.

It made for SUCH a fun night.

ANNNND the best part, was that we still managed to catch the end of the Flyers game on the way home at a sports bar!  They’re in the CUP finals and ended up losing the first game of the series, but it was close!

I passed out pretty immediately after getting home around 12:30PM.

Sunday morning came early & I was headed to another sermon at CLA. 

Breakfast was a quick classic:

SOC in all its glory.

This was the last message in the “Family First” series, and it was on “How To Have The Perfect Kids”.  The pastor there is so awesome.  Totally passionate on EACH topic.  He keeps your attention and is very good at bringing things to light in a relative way for me.

I had packed a lunch & extra clothes because I was headed straight to the little seesters softball tournament from church. 

veggies, sweet egg white omelett, & sourdough bread slice w/ SF jam.

I’m pretty much in love with SF Polaner jam + Fiber. So delish.

When I got home around 4PM from the game, I showered and got ready for my dinner date with my Army boy 😉  He picked me up and we headed to the closest town for dinner reservations at 6ish.  I had shrimp cocktail & a house salad with vinegar on the side. 

I missed him SO much!  I could sit and talk to him forEVER.

We came back to the house & hung out on the deck for awhile and then started a movie.  We decided on “Brothers” which was pretty good from what we got to see!  Unfortunately, the night had to be cut a little short because we were going to pick my Daddy up at the airport at 10:30PM!

patiently waiting...

My sisters and I made “Welcome Home, Daddy” & “We Missed You” signs.


It was SOOOO good to see him again…I’ve got lots of pictures to share with you from his trip!! We got home around 1AM and I slept like a baby!

Monday morning started out the same way Saturday did!  Again, I hit the gym.  It was Memorial Day, which meant NO WORK for this gal! 

Same thing, don’t judge 😉

Afterward, I came home, helped prep for the picnic a  little, showered, and it was time for lunch!

my plate.

Grilled chicken (post photo put on a piece of sourdough)+tomato, lettuce, & onion.  Cantaloupe, bloobs, cukes, & watermelon.  Ahhh fresh produce how I love you.

The whole day was spent in the sun with family & friends.

For dinner, picture this same plate. No add’l photo necessary. 

YOU KNOW what else happens on Mondays, right???

Lemme give you a hint…

That’s right, The Bachelorette was on!  I made sure I got my fix.  SO glad Craig is gone.  Ali saw right through that jerk !  I’m still gunnin’ for Roberto!! Although Jesse & Frank are close seconds! 

Hope all of your weekends were as relaxed or action packed as you prefer and that your Memorial Day was…well, memorable 😀

Happy Tuesday!  Woo hoo for a short week! Make sure to enter IGE’s Subway giveaway by 5PM TONIGHT!

1. What was the highlight of your weekend?



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