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Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

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Verse of the Day:

“so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.”

– Hebrews 9:28

Back to work after a long weekend always seems like such a buzz kill.  Then again, it usually makes the work week fly by, too.

I started off as per my usual morning.

SOC = Smoothie Over Cereal (for all you newbies)

Like my new bowl???  It’s actually a chowder bowl that I got at ArtsFest.  My one and only purchase (other than the jerky I got for Dad).

it's got a cute little handle, too!

I loved the teal & blue together.  There were lots of artsy colors to choose from, but I was instantly drawn to this one for some reason!

Work kept me pretty busy trying to play catch up from the day off on Monday.  I did sip on a Chocolate Glazed Donut  coffee around 10PM (nothing like a calorie free donut!), but by 12PM I was ready to dig into my packed lunch.


Cucumber, tomato, carrot, & baby butter bean salad dressed in apple cider vinegar+sf raspberry syrup; Rudi’s organic rocky mountain sourdough bread sliced in 4’s with SF black raspberry Polaner jam for spreading.

A great spread of protein, whole grains, and veggies if you ask me!

I got home around 4:30PM and I had this snack

bright, summery orange.


chococonut nature's path granola bar.

From there, I headed downstairs to get a little biking action in before the seester’s softball game at 6PM.  I biked for awhile and then my girl Mandy stopped to bring me a present! 🙂  She had some extra squash that she was afraid would go to waste and she knew just the person to give it to!

I sliced it up & used it pretty immediately because it was on its last leg.  What better way to utilize squash than roasting it?

sliced & sprinkled with Nutrasalt, pepper, & minced onion!

Then I put it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350°


Had I been thinking correctly, I should’ve used my Garlic Gold Nuggets!  They would’ve been perfect for this!! Oh well, guess I’ll save them for next time 😉


Anyone else have trouble waiting for it to roast completely??? I get impatient and when the aroma fills the air, I just want to eat it! 

After sqaush consumption, I headed back to the basement for some additional biking until it was time to leave for the game. 

short stop, down & ready (left).

She played an AWESOME game & managed to hit a homerun to center field!  It was seriously a few feet from going over the fence…BEAST!

the only single she had all night.

When we got home, I treated myself to a dessert with these three components:

plain oikos.

for protein.

deep chocolate vitatop.

for whole grains…and chocolate 🙂


for serving #2 of fruit!

I ended up going back to the basement and biking for a little longer, mainly because I wanted to finish watching the episode of America’s Next Top Model that I had started before we left on my laptop!

Afterward, a shower was had, lunch was packed, and I hit my pillow pretty hard.

Two question Tuesday!!

1. What’s your favorite sport to watch/play? My favorite to watch is probably either hockey or football.  My favorite to play is either basketball or volleyball!

2. Do you watch TV episodes online?  What’s your favorite? The only time I really watch online episodes is when I’ve missed a One Tree Hill or Bachelorette!  I don’t watch much tv, but those two keep me entertained while I’m biking!  Oh yeah, and Friends!


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