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When I first saw The FruitGuys online, I knew that it was a program that I wanted in on the action 😉  Providing farm-fresh, organic produce from locals farmers to businesses, homes, and schools all over the country, for twelve years now, this company knows where it’s at as far as wholesome, healthy foods.  

office fruit delivery 

The program is SUCH a neat thing.  The support gained by local farmers is just ONE of the many “pros” to the system.  It also provides a convenient, informative way to keep healthy snacks handy with seasonal goodies each week!  The FruitGuys also provide information regarding each of the selected produce pieces and a recipe which includes each of the ingredients in your take home box

There are so many options that make the whole process customizable to meet your needs.  You can choose your order size: $32 regular sized25 servings of 8-10 varieties; or $24 small sized16 servings of 6-8 varieties.  You can also choose the frequency at which you receive your produce: weekly or bi-weekly.  You can even choose all fruit, a mix of veggies & fruit, or all veggie take-homes

Another nifty fact about The FruitGuys, is that each of the briefcase style boxes that the produce is shipped in are made from 75% post-consumer recycled cardboard & printed with soy-based inks!  Totally eco-friendly! You can use them up to FOUR TIMES or recycle them! 🙂  My kinda company!!

You can imagine my excitement when I received this package in the mail!






oranges, apples,

white peaches,




onion, & corn! 

Each week, there’s a different mix available in your area of the country depending on what is most in season!  Check here to see what’s in this week’s mix in your area and order up!

oranges: fruit basket 

They’ve even got a 5 R’s Policy to ensure optimal customer care 🙂

Thanks so much, Allison!


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  1. Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog today, I LOVE it :). I had sort of a weird question though, where did/do you get your food containers? The ones that are separated into 3 parts. I’ve looked everywhere online for them with no such luck.


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