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Trying to steer clear of high calorie, sugary sports drinks like Gatorade & Powerade without giving up the benefits of the fantastic electrolyte powers?  Try some OWater!

Based in Concord, MA, OWater was founded by a fellow fitness freak, Tom First who set out to make a healthy drink for athletes without the artificial sweeteners, unnecessary colorings, & empty calories.

They’ve got plain OWater, Unsweetened Flavored OWater, and Sport OWater.  Kindly, they sent me a few to try out for this review!  My favorite was probably the Strawberry Unsweetened OWater.  Unlike the Propel Fitness Waters of the world, this stuff was completely natural tasting with a purity and freshness that was fabulous. 

I switched out my regular water during my workouts, and I could tell a HUGE difference in my energy levels thanks to the hydrating electrolytes.  I was surprised, to be honest!  I never know how much of an impact it could make!  I only tried the Blueberry, Strawberry, & Lemon/Lime (which I didn’t particularly care for), but I think I’d love the Peach or Orange flavors too!

The Sports OWaters had a bit different nutritionals with calories to account for the extra bit of pure cane sugar inplace of high fructose corn syrup to give your body a little extra kick! 

With real fruit flavor, nothing artificial, and not too much sugar, the typical sports drink doesn’t even COMPARE to Sport OWater.

Not to mention, there’s a total of 7 flavors to choose from!!  They’re smooth and refreshing in: Peach Mango, Lime Lemon, Tropical Citrus, Strawberry Pomegranate, Coconut, Black Raspberry, and Blueberry!


Thanks so much, Kim for sharing the OWater wealth!

You can find some OWater for yourself at any of these online stores or check out the store locator that will pin point a place near you!


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