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Kenyon’s Grist Mill

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Most famous for their Johnny Cakes, Clam Cakes, & Chowder, Kenyon’s Grist Mill is  a fabulous Rhode Island hidden gem when searching out wholesome all natural meals & flours

A huge thank you goes out to Paul Drumm III for being so kind as to share some of his fabulous mixes with me!  I would love to visit sometime for a tour of the mill!

Kenyon’s Grist Mill carries all kinds of baking supplies! Flours including: Whole Wheat, Buckwheat, Rye Meal, Scotch Oat, Graham, White Corn Meal, Yellow Corn Meal, Red Corn Meal, Blue Corn Meal.  Then there are the mixes: Clam Cake & Fritter, Corn Bread & Muffin, Brown Bread, Honey Buckwheat Pancake, Oat N’ Honey Pancake, Blue Corn Pancake, Buttermilk & Honey Pancake, and Corn Meal Pancake!  Lastly, they sell all kinds of New England delicacies like jams, soups, syrups, and puddings!

I became fascinated with the way they’ve brought these goodies into production and learned that it all started back in 1886 by John Tarbox who built the present mill!   

Here’s the method they’ve used ever since!

Grain is poured down into the hopper, and comes to rest in the shoe. The shoe is agitated by the spinning of the damsel. The damsel is attached to the rhind, on which the giant 2½ ton runner stone rests. As the stone spins, the grain falls from the shoe through the boot, which directs it into the hole in the center of the runner stone called the eye. The grain then spirals outward between the runner stone and the bed stone which grinds the grain into flour or meal. The bed stone remains stationary while the runner stone is propelled by a series of belts, pulleys, and gears which are linked together. A miller can adjust the rate that grain enters the stones, and by turning the tentering wheel, he can adjust the aperture between the stones . After the meal passes between the stones, it falls into a trough which encircles the bed stone and is pushed into the chute by metal cards or sweepers.

You can even check out all of the original homestyle favorite recipes using their products on the website where you can order your OWN baking goods!

If you’re in the Rhode Island area, you HAVE to check out their festival coming up July 24th & 25th where you can attend for free tours, food and fun! 


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