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I think I speak for our whole family when I say, we are SO glad my Dad is back from the missions trip.  Sure we still argue and feud a little bit, but there is nothing like spending time together as a WHOLE family.  Adventures while he was gone just weren’t the same. 

Dads & Grads are always celebrated this time of year because of Father’s Day & the end of the school year or semester, but here’s a little something extra sweet in honor of these peeps 🙂  Starting today, through Father’s Day (June 20th), Garlic Gold 4 pack sampler, my favorite seasoning product is available in MyShoP for 10% OFF with coupon code PickMeFoodie at checkout.  With grilling season officially in session, they’re a necessity in your pantry!  In addition to the special 10% OFF, you’ll get a FREE BATCH OF MY indoor s’mores + 2 of my favorite Garlic Gold recipes included in your order!  GET YOURS NOW!

Now, let’s rewind to the weekend.

Friday night we had tickets

to another Harrisburg Senators Baseball game

My cousins, along with the rest of our Elementary Chorus were singing the national anthem before the game!

I know options are limited at a ball park, so I packed my own dinner to bring to the game.

Light flat out with light pepperjack Cabott cheese + 1/2 apple, veggie tray with celery, cherry tomato, baby carrots, snap peas, & cucumber + other 1/2 of apple.  Packing saves money too!

The game was delayed a bit because of the rain showers, which resulted in a beautiful rainbow.

But before we knew it, it was time to play ball. It was a nice family night but we ended up leaving a little early because it started storming again.

Saturday morning started off with this yummy bar before my trip to the gym.

Nature’s Path kindly sent me some new bars to try out after loving the Chococonut & Sunny Hemp ones last time!

It was a typical day for a typical workout.  I did, however break up the time on the elliptical again, which made time fly by. 

After completed, I stopped at Walmart to return something, where I found THIS gem!  I’m super impressed with the selection in the Walmart grocery section.

On the way home from there, I dropped off some old clothing at a donation center.  It was a cleaning day in my household, so I helped out a little when I got home in that department as well.

Around 12PM, I made some lunch!

After watching the fam chow down on some hot dogs at the ball game, I was hungry for them!  Hebrew National 97% fat free, of course 🙂  I steamed some broccoli slaw in the microwave, poured on 1/2C. Light Ragu & toppd it off with a dollop of Greek yogurt.

I was in the mood for lunch dessert, so I decided on some fresh melon.

Filled with Oikos & sprinkled with cinnamon–well, because it’s good on EVERYthing.

We had two grad parties to attend Saturday & I packed some food to eat on the way to the 2nd for dinner.  I didn’t pack anything OVERLY filling because I figured there would be munchies at the parties. 

Light flat out filled with 2 Hebrew National 97% FF hot dogs, reduced sugar ketchup, & 1 slice of low fat cheese + 1 braeburn apple + veggie bag.

From about 3-5 PM we were at the first one for my cousin Mitch!  I didn’t get any good shots of the guy, but HE is the HOT DOG KING.  When he was 7, at our house, he ate an entire package of hot dogs.

Before we knew it, we needed to leave for the 2nd one!  I ate my dinner on the way, and we arrived a little later than expected due to lack of directions, but we made it, nonetheless!

This party had a great DJ!  It was fun to catch up with people you don’t get to see very often.  The girl we were there in celebration of actually played travel softball with my middle sister, so we don’t see the folks on a regular basis.I munched on some fresh watermelon & cantaloupe and sipped on some coffee with Splenda toward the end of the night.

Sunday morning we went to church as a family for the first time in three weeks!  It was a beautiful thing.  Beforehand, I made good use of my Naturally More & had an awesome, yet simple breakfast.

Peanut butter toast + Peanut butter banana protein shake (courtesy of Optimum Nutrition

Can you believe I’m almost OUT of my casein protein!?  I can’t wait to get more. 

The sermon was about the gift of sex that God gave us; How sacred it is, how it is abused, etc…all the in’s & out’s.  No pun intended 🙂  Anyway, here are the basics:

  • God created sex to be between a man & a woman.  This, the dynamics of a light bulb & socket.  The idea of “Adam & Eve”, not “Adam & Steve”.
  • God created sex to be between a HUSBAND & WIFE.  Sex outside of marriage is NOT an “okay” thing.  A wife’s body is also her husband’s and a husband’s body is also his wife’s. 
  • Sex is not a “dirty” thing.  It’s meant to be enjoyed and should not be withheld from one another in a marriage. 

After the sermon, we ordered some Chinese food to enjoy at home on the gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

I got the usual; Steamed shrimp & chinese vegetables.  I absolutely was craving this!  I made my own sauce for the dish from SF syrup & reduced sodium soy sauce to drizzle ontop!

I always read my fortune even though I throw the cookie away.  Hope that’s not bad luck! Haha. Who am I kidding…I don’t believe in luck 😉

After lunch, Momma FF, Daddy FF, & I took a trip to Costco!  Kabobs were on the menu for dinner & we wanted some gooood fresh produce.  Plus, I had been dying to go there after reading about all the fab finds the JB & Danica always talk about!


Lite Turkey Breast, Light Whole Grain Roll Ups, Mini Peppers, Cukes, & Vitatops!  I also found the NORMANDY veggies (already packed into the freezer).

I helped Mom & Pops start on the veggie slicing & dicing along with the meat marinading.  Somewhere during this time, I munched on a gala apple & a vitatop, but there is no photo proof.

Peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, red onion, squash, & shroomies!

Pops was the master griller, & Momma & I were the preppers.

Dad being a cheeseball 😉

While the meat was marinating, I biked & then played with Cali baby for awhile.  The girls were being bums and watching TV ALLL day.  I cannot stay still that long!

I made my kabobs out of chicken & veggies, but they marinaded some beef as well!  They also used some sugary sauce on theirs which I opted out of and kept mine seperate. 

I made my own marinade out of the same thing I drizzled my Chinese with earlier!

Being that is was so perfect outside, we ate on the deck allll together.  It was seriously picture perfect.  Kodak moment if I ever saw one.  We laughed together & post dinner we played a competitive game of backyard volleyball!

It was us three girls vs. Momma, Pops, & JD!  They schooled us the first two games, but we took them down on the third 😉

That night we settled down to watch the Flyers game & relax together.  The family had cheesecake for dessert, but I had peanut butter on the brain so I whipped up some Naturally More + banana softserve.


What were the highlights of your weekend?

Any products missing from your life that you’ve recently been reintroduced to?



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  1. I have been trying to find those mini peppers everywhere! I literally went to Costco 4 times this past week! I have been searching for them for about 5 months now. I only saw them once- in a ladies cart in Costco. She apparently got the last one, as there was no trace of them anywhere in the store. I seriously considered stealing them from her cart. It has become a point of contention, and although I saw mini peppers @ Superstore (grocery store) I refused to get them. I am set on finding the Costco ones. You kebab looks great and it is so nice to read about the close bond your family shares. You should write about how you make it work, what you argue about, how you resolve things etc. I think it would be so helpful!
    Your pal

  2. mmm kabobs.. share the wealth 🙂 Lol nice picture of your dad. hmm yea I should check out costco soon. What’s so great about these mini peppers? lol

  3. holy monster post! amazing. love the kabobs and YES sweet potato+PB is awesome! try it with sunbutter!


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