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Throughout the blogland, I’ve heard GREAT things about Wholesome Sweeteeners, so when I got the opportunity to try some for myself, thanks to Karen, I was thrilled!  Each of the Wholesome Sweeteners products is USDA Organic & Fair Trade Certified, meaning:

I love this company because they pay special attention to the workers, consumers, and the planet!  The newest edition to their line of sweeteners, are the flavored Blue Agave Syrups.

It comes in four flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Maple, & Strawberry!  These syrups are so incredibly versatile, from iced coffee flavorings to pancake toppings & oats mixings, you can use them in almost ANYTHING.  The flavors are totally drool-worthy, too.  The syrups are 25% sweeter than sugar, so you’ll be able to use a lot less, too!  The low gylcemic index of these syrups (39 or under) will keep your blood sugar stable with ZERO spikes.

The nutritional facts are pretty excellent, considering a serving of 2 tbsp. is WAY more than you’ll ever need!

The shelf life is actually 2 whole years!  However, it’s way too delicious & I can promise you, it won’t last that long if you’re a foodie like me 😉

The Cinnamon & Maple have a spicy warm flavoring, which is my favorite on waffles or in oats.  There’s also a fabulous-looking gingerbread recipe on the site that I’m dying to try out!  The Strawberry is great for pancakes or mixed into Greek yogurt!  And I absolutely am smitten with the versatility of the Vanilla.  You can use it in coffee, on top of sweet potatoes, and in dressings for salad.

Wholesome Sweeteners makes other excellent products too!  I use Organic Zero, their zero calorie sweetener, just about every day, usually several times!  Unlike the artificial sweeteners of the world, aka Splenda, Equal, & Sweet N’ Low, NO CHEMICALS are used in the production of this stuff.  How do they do it?

Organic sugar, or sucrose, is liquefied and an organically approved fermenting agent is introduced. The fermentation process converts the sucrose to Erythritol. The liquid is then filtered and the Erythritol is crystallized. It takes about 2lbs of Organic Cane Sugar to produce 1lb of Organic Zero.

Pretty sweet, right?  Pun INTENDED 😀

Organic Zero isn’t quite as sweet at sugar (70%), but if you add a drop or two of agave syrup to the mix, you’ll be good to go!  Neato fact:  Baked goods with Organic Zero have a longer shelf life than those made with regular sugar!  Bizarre, right?!  You can also get it in individual packets like those you would see on restaurant tables, so they’re portable!  There’s also a WHOLE page of just recipes using this stuff!

They’ve also produced a number of other great sweeteners like Organic Light Brown & Dark Brown Sugars,

Organic Molasses,

Organic Raw Cane & Turbino Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Light Corn Syrup, Organic Powdered Sugar, and Raw Organic Honey.

You’ve got to check out their site.  All of their goodies are great for baking, cooking, and use on a daily basis!  You can even order online through Amazon!  There’s also a store locator if you’d rather find somewhere close to pick some up for yourself!



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