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Sooooo remember how I promised a post of some of the photos my Dad took for us in Nicaragua?!  Well, the time has come!  Thoughtfully, he took pictures of some of the food down there for me, too! 🙂

(He’s in the green hat)

For those of you who are out of the loop, Poppa FF took a missions trip with 3 other men from our church to go to Nicaragua to build roofs for the people there.  They also had the opportunity to witness to several of the Natives.

He said that the land was all completely flat, with little to no hills or mountains, with the exceptions of volcanoes.  They actually flew very close to one on the way into Nicaragua!

He said that the people there have absolutely nothing.  They live off of the bare essentials and are very limited when it comes to supplying for their families.  He also said that they are some of the hardest workers he has ever met.

What’s even cooler, is that at the end of the trip, they left the majority of their clothes, tools, and personal items with the people in hopes that they will remember their experiences together.   The men all said that they only wish they could’ve done more for the people there.

With several people in each home, they shared EVERYTHING.  The only possesions that individuals had were clothing, which was sometimes even shared.  The houses were totally simple and there was hardly ANYTHING inside.  The only things they were used for was shelter. 

Poppa FF said that it rained almost every single day at almost the same exact time, but it wasn’t for very long. 

He also said that it was INSANELY hot there.  One day, I remember him telling us that he wore a t-shirt with black lettering on the back, and the letters got so hot from the sun that they literally BURNT his back.

There were some close calls while they worked, too!  Safety is a worry that all of us had while he was there.  They came in contact with poisonous snakes, mercenaries, and work related injuries.  Poppa FF almost got his eye taken out by a nail, and slit his wrist on some sheet metal!  He said that God was definitely watching over him, because had he not worn sunglasses, he would be missing an eye. 

He also said that I would’ve LOVED all the fresh produce available there, but I probably would’ve been grossed out by the way they sold meat on the streets.  No refrigeration, no covering, no nothing.  Just meat, hanging on hooks, being sold off the street just like the fresh fruits & vegetables.

Many of the meals consisted of the same ingredients, rice & beans.  The men had two women assigned to cook their meals for them.  He said they were very sweet and really had a good system in the kitchen!  They were cooking for “an army” of hungry men, and always did a wonderful job.

Fresh fruit was in abundance at breakfast, too which is always a good thing!  Poppa FF mentioned that during their breaks while working, they also drank coconut water, fruit blended juices, and lots of water!

I’m not sure what all of the foods are in the photos he took (and neither is he!), but from the looks of things it was fairly balanced with proteins (eggs, beans, meat), carbs (pancakes, rice, & bread), dairy (cheeses), fruit (berries, juices, coconut), and vegetables (in the omelette, stir-fried, and mixed in the rice/curry).

I was really surprised and taken back by the fact that my Daddy would take foodie pictures for me 🙂  I can tell sometimes when we go to dinner that he gets a little weirded out by the fact that I take photos of my plate, so it means a lot to me that he would do that!

Check out the massive bowls of fresh cut fruit!^

A big thank you to those men who went, served the Lord, and worked in the insane conditions of Nicaragua.  God must be so proud of all the work you’ve done for Him…I know I am! 🙂



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  1. LOVED this post. wow, great stuff. i want to go there.

  2. Thanks for sharing these with us! Nicaragua is breathtaking.

  3. How nice of your dad to take food photos! What a wonderful summary of his trip. I’m glad he made it home safely.

  4. I’m from there and just looking at the pictures makes me hungry! Your dad is a great man for helping these people 🙂


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