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Party People.

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Hey, party people 🙂

That’s right, you know me; PARTY ANIMAL.  My weekend was filled with CRAZY amounts of fun.  Here are a few of the partners in crime who attended the festivities.

Cousin Cole & our giraffe friend.

Because clean fun is the best kind,

and we had a 1st birthday to celebrate!

a year ago on Saturday, this little munchkin was brought into the world,

adding another redhead to the “Cox Clan“!

The party starter was another beautiful red-head, who I like to call my Aunt Sandy

AKA, the margarita maker, set up this beautiful spread.

I’ll bet you’re able to guess which section I dominated!

If you said these two plates, you would be correct.

I actually snagged some turkey meat out of the sub & made little wraps with the cukes, cherry tomatoes, & carrots!  I steamed some broccoli in her microwave, too. 

It was a gorgeous day for a party!  A little on the warm side for some, but I was comfortable!

Most importantly, the birthday boy had a BLAST.  He was so well-behaved the entire day!

Even when things got a little sticky,

He kept his cool 😉

Dontcha just LOVE family?


How did you spend YOUR weekend?



2 responses »

  1. Happy birthday to Jack!

    I spent the weekend working…

  2. aww happy birthday jack!!
    your fam is soo adorable! love how you created your little sandwiches with turkey slices 🙂


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