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Benedetto Protein Chocolates

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Okay, so when I first saw this product, I was seriously caught in a “this has to be too good to be true” moment.  After all, GOURMET chocolates are NEVER guilt-free, let alone HEALTHY, right? Absurd. 

Benedetto has absolutely proved this theory WRONG with their all-natural confections. 


When I received both a sampling of their Cubetti Caramel Crunch & Cupola Mint Chocolates, I was intrigued by the fact that they looked just like the typical high-cal version of gourmet delights I’ve seen in the candy-apple-red, plastic, heart-shaped boxes adorned with lace and ribbons on Valentine’s Day.  Surely, nothing good could come of this experience.  Just another tempting treat that was out of reach because of my calorie budgeting.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that a serving of 178 calories (for the Caramel Crunch), was the ENTIRE box.  And yes, you can believe what you’re seeing.  A whole 18.8g PROTEIN.


The little rice crisps in the center of the nougat-like filling were perfectly nutty and crunchy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like caramel was oozing from the pores of the chocolate, like your typical Snickers or Godiva, but this was a trade-up that I’d take ANY day of the week.

Next up, the Cupola Mint Chocolates were pretty yummy too!  Both products felt completely indulgent. Regardless of the pricey $6.95/box, I wouldn’t have trouble treating myself to these babies!  Totally worth it.

The nutritionals for these little clouds covered in 63% cacao were stunning as well. They are actually a favorite at Oscar After Parties, and I’ve gotta say, I felt like a little bit of a celebrity myself while snacking on them! Haha.

I love that, as you can see, the sugar count is low as well as the calories, making them totally safe for diabetics.   Less than 3g of fat, too!  I think if I could afford it, I would totally stock up on these and eat one after every meal…you know…like the little mints you get after eating out at a nice restaurant? 🙂

You can actually order them for yourself online!  Or find a retailer that sells them near you.  If you’re a chocolate lover, I insist that you try them.  You will not regret your order.  They’ve got all kinds of flavors, too, in each the Cubetti & Cupola varieties like Raspberry, Espresso, Lemon, and Caramel


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  1. Thanks for the delightful review about Benedetto. This week is Father’s Day, and we have a special offer that would make a perfect gift idea. You and your audience may enjoy free shipping on any online order at by using the code: #1DAD

    PS: The “rice crispies” inside our Cubetti™ Caramel Crunch product are actually, hold on to your seat, ALSO an all-natural artisinal whey protein of our design (“calcified”), suspended in that chewy protein caramel.

    We’ve spared nothing in order to maximize protein delivery. Enjoy! 🙂


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