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Vitamin Pumping.

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Verse of the Day:

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;”

– Psalm 103:13

So here we are, three days until our family leaves for vacation, and Monday at work, I feel MISERABLE.  I took a half day, and off yesterday, so I’m sorry for being MIA in the blog world.

Eats have been pretty boring.  Mostly liquid.

With the exception of this breakfast which was much more like a dessert.

I cheated and used a Low-Fat Whole Wheat Eggo waffle, 1 small diced & microwaved apple, 1 small scoop sugar free, fat free vanilla ice cream, and a buncha cinnamon.

I’ve also been LOADING up on Diet V8 Splash in hopes of boosting my immunity, which I think has actually helped!  Just one 10 calorie serving of 8oz.  gives you 100% of the DV Vitamin C, 50% DV Vitamin A, and 20% DV Vitamin E.

These green bubbles have been my saving grace.

Smooth & cool on the throat, too, which was giving me trouble.  My cousins were sick while I was in Lancaster with them, including sore throats and Monday mine started feeling funny when I swallowed.

My packed lunch was not to be missed, and I actually did eat it before I left for the day, Monday.  I couldn’t forget to tell you about it, being that it was pretty amazingg.

This part was cooked chicken breast in taco seasoning overtop a bed of fresh baby spinach & Fiber Gourmet pasta.  The sauce was made of Sabra garlic roasted hummus & salsa.

If you haven’t tried salsa & hummus together, you need to.  Immediately.  Super yummy.  To get in some extra veggies, I packed some mini peppers & carrots, too.

Anyway, hopefully things will go back to normal a tad bit and I will be back tomorrow with a full post of eats & treats.

Since this post was exceptionally boring & short, I’ll leave you with a little bit of excitement.  Check out LTB’s NuNaturals giveaway! Not a Stevia fan?  How about some perfectly pressed tofu, using a TofuXpress from Janetha’s giveaway??

How often do you find yourself under the weather?  Does it usually happen a certain time of year?




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  1. DiningAndDishing

    I’m not sick too often which I attribute to getting plenty of sleep, activity, fruits and veg. I think genetics might help a bit too 🙂

    – Beth @


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