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Cupoladua Oven Clouds & Cookies

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Thanks so much to Stephanie and Cupoladua Oven for sending come Cupola Cookies & Clouds my way for this review!  I know you guys all love your sweets and treats as much as I do, so when I saw these little guys, I knew I had find out the inside scoop about them!

I got to try two of the five available varietiesSmoked Gouda Clouds and Chai Pistachio Cookies.  The other flavors available are the Chocolate Cashew, Parmesean Pink Peppercorn, and Espresso Walnut!

Their company is absolutely charming due to the fabulous recipe 😉

Sounds like a lovely thing to be apart of , no?

When I got my stash, I couldn’t wait to pop a dessert-like Pistachio Chai Cloud in my mouth.

These little gems actually had tiny pieces of pistachios peeking out through the light, airy texture of them.  I’m officially smitten with them!  They’re subtly sweet from the chai flavoring, yet tastefully nutty from the pistachios.  A great ending to a meal, pairing with wine, or on the go snack!

Instead of refined sugar, the company uses evaporated cane juice, which I loved!  No artificial preservatives, oil, or trans fats!  They’re even gluten-free!  What other cookie do you know of with just 11 calories?!

Another loveable aspect…check the ingredients listGarbanzo bean flour & egg whites?!  Hello, 6g of protein

The savory selection sent to me, Smoked Gouda were great too!  If you’re a newbie to the blog and need yet another confession, I’m hands down a sweets kind of girl, so I’d rather spend my calories on the Pistachio version anyday, but if you’re a cheese lover (like Tina), these Clouds are for you!

They actually reminded me a little bit of cheesy popcorn, strong on the cheesiness.  Immediately I thought of all the creative ways I could use these…as croutons on soup, salad, or in sandwiches the way we used to stuff them with CHIPS (pre-nutritionally educated days). 

Each little morsel will run you just 4 calories!  These are not only a great source of protein, but also calcium (16% DV)!

I LOVE how you can eat 25 pieces for just  100 calories!  And 10g of protein!?  That’s my kinda snack!

This awesome MAC N’ CHEESE recipe caught my eye on the website!

crunchy three cheese macaroni photo and link to recipe

I would probably make some slight revisions such as Brummel & Brown for the butter, 2 C. Fiber Gourmet rotini noodles for the macaroni, 2 C. almond milk instead of regular, and maybe some Laughing Cow or Sonoma Jack’s cheese instead of cheddar, but the recipe looks amazing!

You’ve got to try them.  You can order yourself some online or find out where you can buy them in your state!


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