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Verse of the Day:

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

– Ephesians 6:4

The first order of busyiness was breakfast.  I know oats are popular eats all over blogs, but for some reason, I couldn’t get excited for them. 

1/3 C. rolled oats cooked in the microwave with 3/4 C. water for 2 minutes with 1 tsp. peanut butter, 1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder, splenda, and 1 scant scoop Optimum Nutrition chocolate mint whey protein.

These protein oats, however, as visually unappealing as they are, were pretty decent.  I still thought it was rather bland for breakfast.  I couldn’t complain about the “fullness” factor, though!  I was tided over well until lunch.

Wanna see what’s inside???

Folllowww mee….

I’ve really been utilizing toothpicks lately!

In the left corner, we’ve got two toasted low-fat mozzarella cheese sandwiches made of 1 slice Rudi’s Organic Bakery Rocky Mountain Sourdough toasted & quartered and topped with one cheese stick, shredded & melted on the bread.  Also sprinkled each square with a little nooch for extra cheesy flavor & protein.

In the right corner, we’ve got a medley of canned green beans, cucumber, and sliced mini bell peppers topped with 2 tbsp. peach mango salsa.

Work has been CRAZY lately.  There are all kinds of trainings that we’re prepping for.  Not to mention, I’m leaving for a week’s vacation on Saturday morning, so I’ve got a lot that needs to be done before take off!  Our section is also being “unofficially reviewed” while I’m away, so we’re getting things ready for that.

I always look forward to leaving work for the day…not so much because I don’t like to be there, but more so because I’m excited about the snack I get when I arrive, before I leave for my workout.  Yesterday was no exception.

Say ‘ello‘ to my PacMan looking friend.  Inside this whole grain low-fat eggo waffle mouth, some cinnamon banana soft serve is waiting for me.  A good mix of carbs for pre-gym fuel!

At 5PM I went to my first AB class at the gym.  It was pretty stellar.  I liked that it was only 1/2 hour-long with constant movement.  No messin’ around 😉  My kind of workout!  Afterward, I did my typical cardio routine for 55 minutes on the elliptical at interval levels 7-9.  I did 3 sets of 15 lat pull downs with 50 lbs, 3 sets of 25 hip adductors at 115 lbs., and called it a night.  I had yet to pack, hit the grocery store, eat dinner, shower, pack my lunch, and do some laundry!

Light FlatOuts, baby spinach, fat free cottage cheese, Sonoma Jack’s cheese wedges, cucumber, carrot chips, egg whites, Light Ragu, Oikos, microwavable sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, sugar free Log Cabin, Fiber Select (YAY! Giant restocked-it’s NOT discontinued!), Tribe Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Chocolate Vitatops, gala apples, sugar free jello cups, & snap peas.

I LOVE coming back from vacation with a fully-stocked fridge.  It’s nice not to worry about what you’ll have for meals along with unpacking, laundry, and reorganizing!  Who’s with me?!

1 bag steamed broccoli slaw, 1/2 C. Light Ragu, 1 tbsp. roasted red pepper hummus, 1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese; on the side: starfruit!

This is probably one of my all-time favorite dinners

Can you believe it was my first time trying starfruit?! 

It’s kind of subtly sweet, and firm, but not crunchy like an apple.  Anyone know how to tell if one is ripe or not? Definitely photogenic!

To round out the meal with some whole grains,

I had a Light Flat Out smeared with 1 Sonoma Jack’s wedge & SF apricot jelly. LOVE the sweet/salty combo.

After dishes, it was time to start pack-a-lackin’.

Here’s just a preview of all the stuff I’m taking!  I tend to over pack, and if I had taken photos of EVERYthing I’d still be in the process.  I figured these were the important ones: a few outfits, underthings, swimsuit & towel, & workout stuff.

Dessert was had after shower time & went unphotographed because basically, an Oikos fell on the floor while I was moving things around in the fridge & splattered.  I ate what was left in the cup with a drizzle of sugar-free syrup and lots o’ cinnamon.

Bites Licks, & Tastes (which I’m adopting from JB for accountability’s sake) today consisted of:

veggies & hummus while waiting for my broccoli to steam

banana strawberry sugar-free jello cup (5 calories)

Q & A:

What stresses you out about going on vacation? I get stressed about the fact that I’m going to come back to a shizzton of work.

Do you enjoy packing? I actually DO enjoy packing.  It makes me more excited for the trip.  I’m an organizer, too so I love getting things all together.

Any summer spots that you’re particularly a fan of? My family and I LOVE the Outer Banks in North Carolina!! We rent a HUGE house for our entire extended family (usually beach front or ocean side) the whole week.




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  1. DiningAndDishing

    I don’t mind packing at all because I’m always excited for my trip! But unpacking is the WORST! I put it off forever!

    – Beth @

  2. How cute are YOU and YOUR blog!?! 🙂 I just love your freckles! Your beautiful!!! 🙂

    I am adding you to your blog roll…I can tell i’ll be back! Have a good weekend!!! xoxo Katie

  3. Don’t you just love a good grocery store trip?!!? And starfruit is so yummy!

    I love packing for trips and planning all the things to do when I am gone! Have fun!

  4. I don’t think I’ve tried starfruit yet. I will have to look for it!

    My favorite summer spots from growing up are Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park) and Jamestown, Rhode Island (across the bay from Newport). My grandparents and great grandparents had homes in both places so we’d alternate summers. The Wyoming place was sold to the Park 30 years ago and the lease expired the year my daughter was born so that was my last time there. My mom and aunts inherited the Jamestown house, but I haven’t been back there in five years. My parents are there now though. I’m so envious.

    Have a great trip!

  5. i love that green-striped dress! tres adorable. i tend to underpack. i have a theory if i forget anything, it just gives me a reason to go shopping and buy it 🙂


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