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Guuuuesssssss who’s back?! 🙂

I had a blast on vacation, but sincerely missed you all the entire time.  I missed hearing comments about ways you relate, I missed seeing new delicious recipes on each of your blogs, and I missed your encouraging comments! 

Here’s a recap for you all of the time we’ve missed together.  This by NO means shows EVERYTHING I’ve done and eaten in the past week, but it’ll give you a good idea and highlight the important stuff 😉

My parents actually had a softball tournament in OC, MD the weekend we left for the Outer Banks in NC, so I stayed behind and left with the rest of my extended family, catching a 4am ride with my God parents. 

I packed lots of goodies for the ride down and to incorporate into my meals while I was there.  I knew there would be a grocery store, but figured I could use some things up before I bought new!  Plus, some of the veggies wouldn’t be good by the time we got back.

We stopped at Bob Evans on the trip down for breakfast and I ordered low-fat cottage cheese with fresh strawberries and cantaloupe.  The SF syrup wasn’t even necessary!  I also had coffee.

YUM!  We definitely saw some interesting things on the trip down.  Some guy was practicing with his drumsticks on his steering wheel while we sat in traffic.

We didn’t really eat lunch, but I munched on my veggies and a larabar which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I think thus far, the Coconut Cream Pie is my favorite!

Can you guess what movie I watched on the way down?  It brought out the Disney lover in me 🙂

When we arrived, I explored the house a bit & started to unpack.


Living room #1

Living room #2

The house was adorned with cute tropical decor

and beachy photos.

One of the two hot tubs; Neither of which were used very much due to the insane heat!

My room (which was shared with my Grandma!) consisted of two twin beds & a shared bathroom with the bedroom next door, which was occupied by my cousin & her boyfriend with her two little girls. 

We also really enjoyed having a pool for our private use in the backyard, because some of the days it was too hot for the kids at the beach, so they were content to be outdoors in the relaxation of the pool water.

For dinner, we ate out at one of our favorite restaurants in the Outer Banks, Miller’s (RIGHT on the waterfront! :))

and I ordered up my first seafood dish of the week!

Steamed shrimp & a side salad with red wine vinegar.

I didn’t partake, but this place has these little “hush puppies” that EVERYONE loves.  They practically make a meal out of them as soon as they’re delivered to the table!  I used to eat them, though. 

They’re basically fried, sweet dough with whipped butter for dipping!

I could just tell my dining companions LOVED eating with a blogger.  By the end of the week, they were so used to posing for photos at dinner, it just came naturally 🙂

Dinner was followed with finishing up unpacking and a lot of relaxation.  Later on, my BEST friennnnn & her little baby belly took a stroll down to the beach with her hubs.  

She barely has a baby bump!

There’s something about the beach at night that is so enchanting!  Anyone else know what I mean?

Don’t mind my veiny orangy feet.  I think I had one too many carrots that day.  The oompa loompa factor was starting to kick in.

We headed back to the house and played some games and then crashed for the night.  Some favorites were Bananagrams & Apples to Apples.

I ❤ family!


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  1. Yay a fellow Disney lover! LOVE Beauty and the Beast! You look stunning and radiant in that picture with your Bestie! So glad you had a nice time!!!!

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  3. YUMMMMY DINNER! girl why dont you eat da hushpuppies anymore? they are GOOD! love the shrimp!

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