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Each morning at the beach began with SOME type of workout, sometimes two!  I love being on vacation with the ability to take my time getting to my workouts and sleeping in.  It’s the best of both worlds, knowing that there is NO set schedule of things that NEED to be done.

Most mornings, I ran a mile or two and came back to the house for an ab workout and a bike ride with my parents!  They’ve really been staying on top of their fitness, too! It was nice getting some cardio in with good company! 

Breakfasts consisted of things like greek yogurt messes, larabars, & wraps with sonoma jacks smeared in the middle.  All of which, somehow managed to escape my camera??

By the time we got back from our bike rides (varying from 10 miles to 16 miles), we were ready to slather up in sunscreen and hit the sand.

The “not-so-little” sister playing in the sand

We had BEAUTIFUL weather for the entire week.  In fact, somedays it was SO hot that the “heat index” fell under the “dangerously hot” category according to the local weather stations.

The houses we rent are always within walking distance to the beach.  Some years, we actually get BEACHFRONT houses.  This year, the beach access was right across the street.

Typically, we stay on the beach until about 12:30 or 1PM and then come back and break for lunch. 

Unlike breakfasts, lunches were almost ALWAYS photographed 🙂  Pretty basic, yet satisfying & fresh!

I actually biked to the grocery store there pretty frequently to pick up whatever I was craving.  Fresh fruits & vegetables were always in abundance at the beach house! 

Many times, I threw together a wrap with some sort of protein (hummus, turkey, egg whites, etc) with veggies & a light flat out.

Broccoli slaw bowl sprinkled with salt & pepper with an egg white flat out wrap with sprouts & hummus.

My Godfather brought along some of the BEST tomatoes I’ve ever had.  He buys them at the Gratz auction.   They were SO sweet & juicy!  Sprinkled with salt & peppper, tossed with diced cucumbers they were UH-mazing.

Veggie plate (sliced red peppers, sprouts, cukes, broccoli, tomato, & snap peas) drizzled with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus sauce along side a light Flat Out with Sonoma Jack’s + SF jelly & Chobs; Coke Zero.

I drank TONSSSSSS of water each day, which was definitely a good thing.  I did, however treat myself to some Diet Green Tea & Coke Zero.  Yes I know, aspartame = chemicals.   Moderation was key!

Veggie bowl with cukes, tomato, yellow pepper, & alfalfa sprouts drizzled in Roasted Red Pepper Hummus alongside Chobani + Fiber Select & SF cherry preserves.

Everyone got a kick out of the fact that I ate SOOOO much food.  They couldn’t believe how I could stomach SO many greens.  Haha.  I felt like I had an audience everytime I put together my lunch! 

While they stared blankly at their boring ham sandwich on a potato roll, chomping on Middlesworth potato chips and cookies, I happily scarfed down every last vegetable on my plate, savoring the freshness of each!

Leftover chunk of white turkey meat with a light flat out smeared with sonoma jacks on top of a huge salad of broccoli slaw, carrots, cukes, & tomato with baby spinach as the base

After lunch, we headed back to the beach with happy bellies.  Somewhere between 3-4PM I usually had a piece of fruit like a nectarine, apple, or plum! 

The first few days, I was devouring watermelon, but it was soon gone because of how much everyone enjoyed it! 

Nothing quite as refreshing as fresh cut watermelon at the beach!

I mostly like to lay out and tan while I’m in the sand, but a few of our clan brought a football & frisbee. 

We later discovered that there was a SAND bar out in the ocean if we swam far enough (which also made a great workout!). 


Next up: Dinner & other noteworthy beach activities!



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  1. I would ‘kill’ to have my dad come workout with me! I have begged him- something we can do together (bonding time) but he refuses. I even asked him that for my bday I just want him to come to the gym with me once. No dice. I can really appreciate how nice and how happy it makes you (like you are accepted and belong) when they care enough to partake in an activity with you which you love and they are adapting too! Your pictures are amazing! More pictures of you!!! How do you stop the compulsion to eat more when you are frustrated or just nibbley? Veggies are so full of water weight that it condenses really quickly in your stomach. I feel like I have a never ending stomach when it comes to downing pounds of veggies! I am so happy you are back and had a great time! I wish we lived closer to each other! I know you have a big family- but if you ever wanted to adopt another sister…
    Stay beautiful and happy!


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