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BEACH Recap #3

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Nowwwwww for the fun part.  Dinners!  I went out to dinner most nights, but my Mom knew that everyone in the family couldn’t afford to eat out every single night, so she was sweet and prepared four meals herself to offer to everyone.  The four meals were baked chicken with green beans one night, beef roast & baked potatoes one night, lasagna one night, and ham with mac n’ cheese one night.  I didn’t eat anything that was made, but I DID have some epic dinners while on vacation.  

I’d venture to say that my last meal there was probably my favorite. 

We went to Tale of the Whale with my Godparents, which not only was the greatest company anyone could ask for,

but we also had a terrific view & killer meal.

I started out with a side salad with red wine vinegar on the side and for my entree, I ordered the steamer special! 

Maine Lobster steamed and stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat.  Holy cow.  It was phenomonal.  The crab meat was actually the best I’ve EVER had.   I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with lobster meat, being that I had never tried it before, but was pretty satisfied with the taste.  It was a little too rubbery for me, texture wise but still delish, none-the-less.

I think I’ve consumed enough seafood to last me the rest of the year, I think you’ll probably agree with me!

Second favorite meal of the trip was dinner at Sugar Creek.

Again, I stuck to the steamed entrees, but this time I got the steamer bucket!

Steamed crab legs, mussels, clams, shrimp, and crawdads with a side of steamed corn on the cob & red potatoes. 

I couldn’t eat all of it, but saved 1/2 the corn and all the potatoes & shrimp for a meal at the house!

I did, however chow down on the red & green pepper rings that were weaved in and out of the seafood!  The butter was SO unnecessary.  SHAME on anyone who would ruin this yummy platter with that stuff!  Haha.

The aftermath 🙂

Another night, my family went to dinner at Captain George’s, an incredible, buffet style restaurant with TONS of delicious options. 

We definitely ate our money’s worth in crab legs, but not before we had a photo sesh outside the restaurant while waiting to get in!

Momma & Poppa FF

Us three girrrrls.

Check out these stats I found on the restaurant website! 

Is that crazy or what?!? I definitely stayed away from all the cookies & fryer oiled foods, but didn’t hesitate to indulge in plates like these:

I figured out after snapping the picture that the mussels were drenched in oil (see the glare?!) so it was ashame, but I didn’t end up eating them. 

Alot of the items on the buffet line were already in butter & oil, so I stuck to mostly salad, crab legs, and steamed clams!  It was all really good though! 

Plus, they had fresh fruit for dessert! 

Mmmmm. Honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe!  My summertime faves!  They were ESPECIALLY ripe here, for some reason which made them extra juicy & sweet!  ❤

The little sisters came back with delicious looking stuff from the dessert bar that they said was pretty rockin’, too.  I couldn’t help but take a picture!

After this dinner together, we did a little shopping! 

We didn’t actually buy the hats, but we did get these cute bracelets to match!

“hope, faith, & love”


Next post: FUN extras & outings in the Outer Banks!


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  1. I am sorry for commenting on EVERY post- I am a bit behind. You are so pretty! In regards to your mom making all that food and you not touching it- does this cause tension? Do they view your eating as ‘disordered’? I am having this dilema with my family (I still don’t see them) but this is the cause of MAJOR tension! Not that you eat healthy- but that you never allow yourself to really splurge on junk etc. I know you mentioned it caused problems before, but how do you deal with it?

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