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BEACH Recap #4

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Soooo here are a few events that went down after dinner a few nights.  Mini golf is something the family does EVERY year.  One night we usually go all together, and one night we go with just our family.


Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf is the traditional course that we take the entire family to together.  We ride up a train to the top of the course complete with waterfalls and caves entwined between courses.

The other night, we went to a pirate themed mini golf course called Mutiny Bay. 

After golf, we hit the ice cream place called Fat Boyz, where my Mom adoresss the chocolate soft serve.  Randa (middle seester) got a root beer float, Morgy (youngest seester) ordered a chocolate milkshake, Momma FF ordered a chocolate waffle cone, and Poppa FF ordered a peanut butter chocolate fudge sundae, while I got a Sugar Free vanilla in a dish.

THIS, however was NOT my ice cream.  It was BUTTER at a restaurant!  Haha.  Isn’t the resemblance ridiculous, though?!  Now I know why they use it for food photography!

Here’s my ice cream bowl:

We also brought back some ice cream for my Godfather (T.T.).  My Mom had the idea to get a photo together because when I was first born, my parents and I lived with my Godparents until our house was finished being built.  He used to sit me on his lap every night and feed me ice cream! 🙂

Ohhh, the good old days!

Speaking of GodFATHER, we were at the beach over Father’s Day, which meant I took along the gifts for my Godfather & Daddy.

For my Daddy, I framed a photo of he and some children in Nicaragua and got him a cute outfit for summer!  For my Godfather, I snagged a giftcard from Red Lobster.  I hate being away on vacation over holidays like that because I feel like they’re robbed of the time & effort usually put into a special day like that, but they didn’t seem to mind!  I got to spend quality time with each of them, so it was a great day.

As I said earlier, we did do some shopping while we were there, and I saw these cute mugs with stir spoons built right in, which reminded me of Kath’s Ramen Bowls!

We also saw and made lots of immature jokes about the “Try My Nuts” store, which actually sells some stellar looking stuff like gourmet nuts, condiments, and funny t-shirts.

Next Post: Post Beach Softball Tournament


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