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Chocolite Protein Chocolates

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Thanks to HealthSmart Foods, I get to share these amazing finds with you all.  I know the word CHOCOLATE may scare some of you out there.  After all, it is bathing suit seasonDon’t panic, I can assure you, WHATEVER plan you’re on, these incredible CHOCOLITES will only ADD to your weight loss success.  That’s right.  Eat chocolate AND lose weight.

The proof is in the pudding chocolite, folks!  Get a load of these nutritionals from the  

 Peanut Butter Cup Patties 


Just 35 calories per cup with 2.5g fat!!  In comparison to a Reece’s which contains 105 calories and 7.5g fat6g of fiber to boot!  I kid you not, despite the total difference in ingredient lists, you would NOT be able to tell the difference given a taste test.  If I could afford it, I would probably buy these in bulk so that I could eat one everyday for the rest of my life.  

Pecan Clusters 


Compare to a Russell Stover’s pecan delight package.  Even the sugar-free version has a whopping 150 calories with 11g fat vs. Chocolite which has just 60 calories per package and only 4g fat!  Not to mention, 6g fiber! 

Cookies N’ Cream Protein Bars 

You can compare this delicious mouth-watering treat to a Hershey’s Cookies N’ Cream bar!  The taste is identical…the nutritionals…not so much.  The 3g of protein you’ll get with the Hershey version is no match for Chocolite’s 9g!  The 11g of fat in the Hershey’s doesn’t hold a candle to Chocolite’s 2g either!  With 0g sugar, the Chocolite bar incinerates the Hershey’s 19g! 

and Triple Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars 


This thing literally tasted like one of those COSMIC brownies (by Little Debbie) we all know and love from our childhood! Instead of the 280 calories, 11g fat, and 24g sugar, you get 9g protein, 10g fiber, and just 95 calories!

They also make things like Crispy , Peanut Caramel Nougats, Almond Nougat Chews, Cashew Caramel Bars, and Peanut Butter Bars.

 Until I tried these babies, I didn’t think they would taste a thing like chocolate.  I went with the “too good to be true” theory, but I promise you I would NEVER lie about a review.  They are delicious.  I only wish I could give you reviews for the VitaBites, Frozen Dessert Mixes, CarbThin Bake Mixes, Brownies & Cookies from HealthSmart!  Maybe we’ll team up again so I can get the inside scoop for ya’ll 😉

Thanks so much, HealthSmart!


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  1. I have seen these in the store before but I haven’t tried them yet. I love seeing what other people say before I actually buy. Thanks for the review! 🙂


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