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Sunday Funday.

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Sunday began with this delightful, refreshing bowl for breakfast

1 container of Oikos plain greek yogurt + cantaloupe, sugar free apricot jam, & Fiber Select bran cereal on the bottom

I went to church with the family at 10AM, which made for a nice night’s rest after an action packed day at Knobel’s.  The sermon was 4th of July themed, relating war between countries with spritual warfare. 

After church, we went home to change and hit Cracker Barrel for a nice family lunch together.


We said that the Lord was testing our patience with the waitress he “blessed us with” 🙂  She was a tad (understatement of the century) on the slow side and seemed totally artificial and unpersonable.  We still had a blast though.

While we were waiting, Dad even fixed the peg game at our table for us since one had broken off in a hole.  Pocket knife to the rescue!

I went with a large toss salad with turkey breast on top, dressed in apple cider vinegar, splenda & salt+pepper.

Before we left we checked out the giftshop & purchased some Stewart’s bottled drinks

for the next item on the agenda….ECLIPSE!


I also had an apple & some 100 calorie kettle corn stashed in my purse that was snacked on during the movie.

The movie was just as fabulous as I anticipated.  I loveddd it.  Dad was a trooper and sat through the “chick flick” without a peep.  He actually enjoyed most of it, he said, especially the “fight” scenes between vamps. 

We got home around 4:30 and lounged around a bit, playing games (Phase 10), watching TV, and just spending time together.

Around dinner time, we opted for take-out from this place.  As you could probably guess, I got the usual.

Steamed shrimp & chinese vegetables

Mmmm.  Steamfresh frozen bag veggies just DO NOT compare to freshly steamed.  Especially when someone else does it for ya 😉

Later on, my girl Mandy came over to play Scattegories and hang out.

I ate some sugar free vanilla ice cream, trail mix, & animal crackers that went unpictured.

Next up: Fourth Family Picnic Celebration!



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