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Verse of the Day:

“I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise your name for your love and your faithfulness, for You have exalted above all things Your name and Your word.”

– Psalm 138:2

So, I know it seems like I give a lot of detail on my everyday life.  Things I do, meals I eat, people I see, events I go to, workouts I complete, etc.  There’s one aspect that I never really share!  My mornings usually begin at around 3AM with this:

Meet Levothyroxine, thyroid simulator 🙂

Since my pharmacist explained that I should take it on an empty stomach, and not eat anything containing calcium or iron for 4 hours (aka cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, vitatops), I set my alarm, wake up to pop my pill with a huge cup of water beside my bed, and head back to sleep until about 6:40AM.  Fun, fun.  I’m not going to post my little pill bottle every morning, but it is part of my daily routine!

Vitatops have been topping the charts with their popularity in my diet.  I think I’ve had at least one a day since I ordered the Apple Crumb package!  SOOOO yum.  There are actually CHUNKS of sweet baked apples in these babies…like

1 Apple Crumb Vitatop dunked in a heaping 1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese & chunky watermelon

Juicy & sweet, just the way every breakfast should be.   I also drank my iced Campfire S’mores coffee when I got to work.

 Lunch was a packed assortment of veggies & protein.

I loved Stephie’s recipe for bean dip so much that I made a dressing for my cucumber, carrot, and purple onion salad that somewhat resembled it, only the star of this recipe was this NEW product that I absolutely LOVE from Garlic Gold.


Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette!  It’s got a zesty italian flavor that is irresistable.  I loved it so much just from the first use, that I added it to My Shop already!  It is THAT good.  I can’t wait to experiment with it on chicken and marinades! 

Anyway, my dressing was made of spicy mustard, Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, basil, & balsamic vinegar.  I mixed it all together, diced up the veggies & tossed.  Then I steamed some edamame for protein. 

Between work & the gym, I ate ANOTHER Vitatop.  This time, it was smeared with Sonoma Jacks Light Pepperjack & SF Apricot Polaner.  I also had a little more watermelon before hitting the road.

At the gym, I ellipticized for 50 minutes doing intervals at speeds 8-9 on resistance levels 7-10.  It was easy to stay entertained while watching King of Queens & Yes, Dear on the TV’s in the gym.  After cardio, I hit the floor.  Literally.  Floorwork consisted of situps with the yoga ball overhead (3 sets of 15  each side = 135 total), 3 sets of 10 pushups, 2 sets of 30 “in-and-outs“, and 1 set of 45 second planks to each side.  Lastly, I did 2 sets of 30 hip adductors with 115 pounds.

I needed a few things at the grocery store, so I made a pit stop on the way home!

Fiber Select, La Tortilla Factory whole wheat wraps, steamfresh edamame & snap peas, Sonoma Jacks, Tribe Roasted Red Pepper hummus, gala apples, ff cottage cheese, Diet Sweet Tea, and strawberry Chobani.

I whipped up a quick dinner using some Just Bare Chicken, some of my snap peas, broccoli, carrots, and more Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Simply tossed in the vinaigrette and baked in the oven at 380° for about 30 minutes.

Dessert was strawberry Chobs followed by a deep chocolate Vitatop (that’s 3 in one day!!!) 😀

After showering & packing my lunch + dinner (since I have class again), I hit the books…not school books, books of the Bible.  I’ve really been slacking with my scripture reading lately, and decided its about time I get back on track.

Before bed, I packed up some workout stuff so that I could get to the gym again before class!  Gotta be prepared!

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  I love having Monday off.  It makes for such a quick work week!  Which means, you had better enter my Mix1 and Galaxy Granola giveaways soon! 🙂

Three Question Thurrrrsday:

1. Do you have thyroid problems?  What medication do you take and how do you time it?

2.  What’s your favorite “on-the-go” meal?  I need some ideas for things to pack for quick school dinners!

3.  What’s your favorite book of the Bible & why?




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  1. I don’t have thyroid problems but I can relate to your pain with pill popping every day! I have been diagnosed with Uclerative Colitis and I have to be on 12 pills a day! Not fun! 😦

  2. I take Armour for my hypothyroidism. I take it when I wake up and wait an hour before eating. I only eat fruit for breakfast so it doesn’t really interfere with anything. I hate taking it and wish I didn’t have this problem but such is life!

  3. OH GAH GIRL i could go DAYSSS!!!! hebrews, james, phillipians, etc etc!! lol i love the entire bible!

  4. I have had adrenal exhaustion and a total messed up endoctrinal system. I’ve tried so many things, but Adrena Pro has really helped. I plan on doing a post about that company and product. A lot of clients have responded to Thyrosense…. Iodine rich foods…. It’s not an easy thing! Great pictures! I am drooling! Vitamuffins! I want to try the new top flavor! Why can’t they make more sugar free varieties?
    Your friend,

  5. My fave book of the bible is Ephesians because it tells us who we are in Christ! 🙂 xoxo

  6. My favorite book is Romans


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