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Time Trial & Giveaway Winners!

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Verse of the Day

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21

Breakfast was thrown together on the fly this morning (thus, a HUGE lack of creativity).  I was flying around trying to get ready as quickly as possible and instead of skipping breakfast all-together, I decided on something quick & easy.

3/4 C. ff cottage cheese (Splenda stirred in) + 1 C. Fiber Select

The most bare protein & carb essentials were there, but it didn’t make for a very photo friendly meal.  I downed my iced Campfire S’mores coffee on the way to work for a caffeine boost and I spent my break at work sipping on this.

It gave me some Vitamins & Minerals needed for studying a bit as well.  Making good use of breaks is something I don’t usually do.  In fact, I rarely stop working over my lunch break, which came around 12:15PM.

1/2 C. ff cottage cheese, 1/2 C. sweet peas, some broccoli florets, & a few sliced grapes paired with a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat wrap slathered with Sonoma Jack’s light pepperjack & Splenda.

It may not look appetizing to you, but the moment I remembered my days of indulging at the salad bar from Ruby Tuesday’s, I was inspired to try making my own concoction.  Typically there, I mixed cottage cheese, raisins, broccoli, and edamame.   The crunch of the grapes was a nice replacement of the chewiness from the raisins, and the sweet peas matched the salty cottage cheeese nicely.

After work, I munched on a gala apple on my way to the gym at school.

Again, I used the Cross Ramp for about 30 minutes, changing up the resistance level & incline every 5-10 minutes.  It was a great workout and my heart rate averaged 156!  All the while, I was watching “The Nanny Diaries” on my ipod! 

The Nanny Diaries [source]

I did some planks (45 seconds-1 min. each), “in-and-outs“, and pushups on the matted section of the floor and then hopped on the stationary bike for 12 minutes.  I wanted to get my heart rate up again before leaving the fitness room, so I did another 11 minutes on the Cross Ramp at a high incline with a bit of resistance.  I felt like I was doing “high knees” the whole time!

Since I had class at 6PM, I packed dinner & shower stuff to eat between.

Veggies (steamed green beans & snow peas, sliced red pepper, carrots, and tomato) and edamame.

A deep chocolate Vitatop for whole grains!  I also chugged about 1 liter of water after the workout.

Class only went until about ten of 8PM, and by the time I got home and repacked everything to do the same thing the next day, I was ready for bed!  Unpictured eats:  Strawberry Chobani & some cucumber tomato salad while packing!

SINCE it’s Friday, and eats were kinda lame today, I thought I’d spice things up by announcing the Galaxy Granola winners!!!

Congratulations, ladies!  Please email me at with your mailing address and full name so that I can get you your 2 bags of Galaxy Granola prizes!!  Don’t worry, if you didn’t win this one, you can still enter to win some MIX 1 drinks until Monday!

Still not exciting enough?  WELLL IGE aka Kristin is having an awesome ICBINB giveaway on her blog!  Enter by July 11th! ANNNND Danica is having a Good Earth Chicken dinner giveaway! It must be your lucky day because there’s ANOTHER chance to win a $50 from CSN stores courtesy of Julie GoLEAN 🙂

Happy Friday, lovlies 🙂

1.  Any exciting weekend plans?

2.  How are you coping with the heat?  Do you still run outside?



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  1. Does that Skinny water taste good? I’ve never had it but always see it and wondered about it.

  2. love the salad idea! i’ve seen people make tuna salad with grapes before and always thought it looked good!

    great workout! i love ipod movies/tv shows for working out…makes the time go by super fast on days when i lack motivation

  3. i LOVE THAT VERSE 🙂 🙂 so good, right? and great salad too! grapes are a nice touch!


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