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Dr. Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies & Giveaway

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Dedicated and determined, after learning about her own child’s allergies, Dr. Lucy, M.D. discovered delicious gluten-free alternatives for people with dietary restrictions.  As a dedicated baker, mother, and M.D., Dr. Lucy knows just what it takes to embrace carefully selected raw materials, to achieve optimal results in the kitchen. 

Lucy’s cookies all completely gluten, milk, egg, almond, and peanut-free!  Safe for any consumer.   She’s made it possible for folks with restrictions to enjoy the indulgence of healthful cookies as well!

With four different varieties, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Thin, Oatmeal, and Sugar Cookies, you can really treat yourself to something healthy and scrumptious!  Try not to lick up the crumbs when you’re finished 😉

Each of the cookies is deliciously crunchy and satisfies even the strongest sweet tooth.  I found it completely amazing that Dr. Lucy could manage to bake something so decadent without the typical flour, eggs, milk, and sugar ingredients.  But hey, I can’t argue!  Here’s the proof!

This ingredients list was for the sugar cookies, which were in my top two favorites 🙂  You know the sand tarts that everyone makes at Christmas time?  That’s exactly what the sugar cookies tasted like!  How cool is it that there’s “garbanzo” in the ingredients list, though?!  And “crushed soy beans“?!  Count me in!

The nutritionals were pretty great, too, considering we’re talking about cookies, here!  120 calories for 3 whole cookies!  Only 1g of saturated fat and 2g protein!  These were the nutrition stats for the Oatmeal cookies but the others only varied by 10 calories and 1 or 2g of fat.  With ZERO grams transfat and ZERO cholesterol, how can you go wrong with these cookies?

The Cinnamon Thins (which were my favorite!), reminded me of a snickerdoodle cookie!  Cinnamon & sugar are a match made in heaven.  The crispy cookies almost tasted BUTTERY with the addition of cinnamon.  I liked crumbling a few overtop of my yogurt in the morning!  Nothing like dessert for breakfast! 🙂

You’ve got to get your hands on some Dr. Lucy’s cookies!  You can even shop for the online!  If you’d rather, you can find a location near you and pick some up yourself! 

Thanks SO much to Lynn for sharing Dr. Lucy’s cookies with me for the review on the blog!  They’re so tasty!  Lynn also offered to giveaway a giftbasket to one lucky reader of some Dr. Lucy’s goodies!

To enter the giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment about which Lucy’s cookie you’d most like to try.

2.  Link back on your blog about this contest & leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

 A winner will be selected randomly on Wednesday, July 21, 2010! 

Good lucK!


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  1. Welp, I want them all, but I’ll pick Chocolate Chip, baby! Mmm. gimme gimme gimme! ((burp))

  2. I’d love the Chocolate Chip.

  3. I would like to try the chocolate chip!

  4. the sugar cookies look divine – i’ve actually tried the chocolate chip and they are fantastic!

  5. I’m with you that the cinnamon thins sound amazing. I LOVE that so many GF foods have come out on the market the past couple of years! And most taste pretty good to boot!

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  7. I would love to try the Cinnamon Thins! (In addition to celiac, I also have another disability that makes it difficult for me to do a lot of baking and cooking.)

    Thanks for offering this contest!

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