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Many thanks to Amanda and Gardenburger for sending me two coupons to try out some of their REAL GOOD FOOD FROM THIS GOOD EARTH 🙂

With my coupons, I decided on two of the veggie burger varieties, Veggie Medley* and GardenVegan*.  The also make five OTHER versions of the veggie burger including:  Sun Dried Tomato Basil, Portabella, The Original, California Burger*, and the Black Bean Chipotle Veggie*. 

*The asterick denotes all vegan options.

My favorite of the two was probably the Veggie Medley.  I love that the company actually uses CHUNKS of vegetables in their burgers…not to mention the nutty, whole grains!

Check out all the goods in this one!  Broccoli, carrots, onion, water chesnuts, corn, and bell peppers!  The flavor was out of this world!  I was especially diggin’ the whole kernels of corn that were found!  The nutritionals were matched with the awesomeness of the taste!

Not a HUGE protein source, but the 3g in combination with the 5g fiber still held me pretty well over. 

They keep for a long time since they can be stored in the freezer, and are totally convenient–they can be made in the microwave!  My only complaint was that they were kinda pricey (not on sale) for just 4 patties in a box! 

The Garden Vegan was pretty delicious as well!  This one wasn’t packed with quite as many vegetables, but I really loved the mushroom flavoring that was detectable in these patties!

I also liked that in both burgers, the onion taste was not overpowering.  I hate feeling as though I just chomped on a raw onion, aftertaste included, when I finish up a veggie burger!  I’m also a fan of the texture from the bulgur wheat

These nutritionals are even BETTER than that of the prior mentioned.  With just 80 calories, you get 9g of protein!  Can’t argue with that! 

Again, both of these Gardenburgers were a real treat!  I was truly looking for other Gardenburger products at the grocery store to try as opposed to BOTH burger varieties, but options were limited.  Living in the sticks definitely has its letdowns!  In addition to veggie burgers, Gardenburger has created GardenVariety & GardenSteaks, too!  I’d LOVE to try these!  Maybe someday….if I ever get to hit up a Whole Foods where options are unlimited!

Thanks again, Amanda!


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