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Pack, pack, & pack some more.

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Verse of the Day:

“I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.”

– Psalm 119:30

Dessert Breakfast was, again, eaten before hitting the road for work around 7:30AM.  Behold, I give you Black Raspberry Vanilla Custard Overnight Oats.

1/3 C. old-fashioned oats soaked overnight in 1/3 C. soy milk, 1 tsp. chia seeds, a handful of frozen (and obviously thawed in the fridge) blackberries, and a tbsp. of SF vanilla Torani syrup.

This overnight oats mixture tasted JUST like raspberry custard.  It was creamy, doughy, and sweet. All the things breakfast SHOULD be.

Work was lame and I was itching for lunchtime to roll around so I could dig into my lunchbox.

1 crumbled Fantastic Foods Nature’s Burger over 1 bag of Shirtaki fetucchini noodles mixed with 1 melted Sonoma Jack’s cheese wedge and steamed carrots, mushrooms, and snap peas + salt, pepper, & minced garlic.

The textures all together were glorious!  I’m really loving the products that Fantastic Foods sent me for the review!  I can’t wait to try all the other goodies!  They’re SO easy to make, too!

After work, it was time to hit the gym on campus, just like Monday.  Gues my schedule has become fairly predictable?

Before getting my workout on, I ate this packed snack to fuel me up.

Another Fantastic Foods wonderful product, Tabouli Salad mix!  All I had to do was add boiling water and a tbsp. of olive oil!  I did dress it up a bit with some canned peas & sliced button mushrooms.  Also eaten before my workout was a white peach (which are my favorite!) that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market on the way there!  It was perfectly ripe and juicy!


  • Cross Ramp – 45 minutes – various resistance & incline levels: 500 cals. burned
  • Stationary Bike – 10 minutes – low resistance: 50 cals. burned
  • Hanging obliques – 2 sets of 12
  • Planks – 2 @ 1:30 each
  • In-and-outs – 2 sets of 30
  • Pushups – 1 quick set of 12
  • Cross Ramp – 10 minutes – various resistance/incline – 100 cals. burned

Not too shabby for an hour & 15 min. worth, eh?

Shower & dinnertime in the car before class.

Steamed sugar snap peas, green beans, and carrots with strawberry Chobani on the side.

This held me pretty well until after class, but when I got home, I had one thing on the brain.

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition Mint Chocolate whey, 1/4 tsp. xanthan gum, 1/4 tsp. cocoa powder, 2 capfuls of SF vanilla Torani+ lots of ice

A big old bowl of chocolate protein ice cream.

I also made Poppa FF a strawberry banana smoothie!  I was surprised, he’s not usually one for trying my stuff!  🙂  I just used strawberry yogurt, milk, ice, 1 banana, and ice.  

My body was craving carbs or something from my workout because I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with Soy Milk (unpictured), a handful of black beans, and some fresh cut cantaloupe that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market too!

I spent the rest of the night (from about 9 PM-11PM) packing up goods for the next day, blogging, and facebooking.  My Dad and I spend a little time together, and he fell asleep in the chair in our living room!  He said he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the bed since my Mom wasn’t home!  How sweet is that?!

Thank you for all of your recommendations on new music for my workout playlist!  🙂  


How about your favorite pre-workout snack?  What keeps you fueled?!  Share the goods!!   I’m not too picky, I usually try to pair a protein with a carb, since I read JB’s post about Body For Life tips.  Some of my faves are Larabars, Bonk Breakers, PB&J, or Banana & PB!


Happy Hump Day!




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  1. haha girl of course you are going to burn that many calories working out for 1 hr and 15 min!! thats a LONG freaking time! I have exercise ADD and hardly last 45 minutes..cant do that long! anyway i cant wait till u try PB on your oats!! i dont know how u live without it!! i have atleast 4-5 tablespoons a day! lol 🙂


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