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Finlandia- The Cheese That’s Sure To Please!

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Nothing says it better than the slogan 😉  Finlandia cheese is rich, robust, and absolutely wonderful in every aspect.  As for the credentials, they’ve been the BIG CHEESE for over 150 years!

For all your nutritional gurus out there, you already know that low-fat dairy is proven as an important factor in every healthy diet.  Not only do they keep you full with high quality protein, but they strengthen your bones with tons of calcium and work to keep you slim! 

They’ve got quite the lineup of all-natural all-stars if I do say so, myself.  Of the group, the Light Swiss was my go-to choice! 

Who can argue with those kind of nutritionals???? I mean 7g of protein and 22% DV calcium in just one slice!!  I’ve been LOVING these clean, wholesome holey slices on SOOO many things; Egg whites, turkey burgers, and lunch meat being the top contenders.  These slices make a perfect afternoon snack!

Incase you’re feeling uncreative, here are some pairing ideas!

That’s right, Finlandia makes allllll of these fabulous, flavorful cheeses!

Imported from Finland
• All Natural
• No hormones added
• Naturally lactose free

After checking out the website, I figured I had better lighten up on the SNACK face and save some of this delicious, nutty goodness for a recipe like this one:

This is just ONE of the enticing recipes found on the siteGo there.  Buy some cheese, and make these amazing recipes.  I demand you 🙂  Many thanks to Nicole who gave me the opportunity to try Finlandia!  She did provide samples, but I can assure you these opinions are ALL my own.  Pshht…and I used to think I was more of a “sweets” kinda girl….


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