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Thanks to Lisa, the wonderful creator and CEO of Wei Chocolate, I got a little taste of some of the most delicious, healthy, dark chocolates to ever pass my lips.

Each of these decadent varieties has a different “essence”; some infused with flowers, some with spices, & some with herbs!  Each also comes in a color coded foil wrapper!  A cute touch to the flowered shape of the chocolate molds.    Only 2g carbs and 30 calories in each piece! 

“Take your experience of chocolate to a whole new level by experiencing the finest quality organic chocolate, infused with intentional blends of deliciously complex flavors designed to balance body and mind.

Each piece is mindfully prepared and infused with love, mantra and pure intention”

The herb & spiced chocolates include:

Daily GRATITUDE (65% cacao-gold wrapper) is dark chocolate blended with chai organic herbs & spices (respected by traditional societies for their relaxing and mentally clarifying properties & immune and nervous system support) , making it perfect for morning!  Suggested pairings for Daily Gratitude are white wines like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

Daily LOVE (74%cacao-pink wrapper), is great for your afternoon chocolate fix.  It is smooth and subtle infused with with a delightful chili finish, in traditional lore the herbs are respected for their qualities of immune system support, stress relief, adrenal support & sustained energy.  Suggested pairings for Daily Love are red wines like Merlot & Pinot Noir.  

Sensual Love (organic 74%-red wrapper) dark chocolate is comprised of an abundance of herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and chili known for their aphrodisiac qualities!  This is the perfect “evening” chocolate if you know what I mean 😉  Recommended pairings include red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Cuvee.

And the flower essence chocolates include:

Inner Clarity with Lotus Wei (organic 70% dark chocolate-green wrapper) with a fresh blend of organic peppermint leaves, rosemary, and a hint of clove with vibrational essences from flowers.  This is a totally heavenly combination!

Inner Delight with Lotus Wei (organic 70% dark chocolate-orange wrapper) is mingled with luscious citrus and a hint of spice to bring fun into your day.  Not only that, it’s got Nectarine blossom and Lotus included!

Inner Peace with Lotus Wei (organic 70% dark chocolate-lavendar wrapper) blends in Arctic Lupine, lavender petals, lemongrass and coriander for a sumptuous tasting chocolate that will put your mind at ease with just one taste.

Right now, Wei Chocolate has a SPECIAL! Just $20 for a 6 oz. rice paper bag of your flavor choice!  They’ve also got a Wei Happy assortment of Daily Gratitude, Daily Love, and Cafe Wei (italian espresso flavoring!) for $10/2.25 oz tube or $24/6oz. rice paper bag!


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  1. Very interesting…thankyou


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