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Raw Crunch Bars

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A huge shout out to Kathy as a thank you for sending these handmade, uncooked, unprocessed, Raw Crunch Bars my way for this review!!  She and her husband, Ross are the creators of these remarkable treats!

Each of these deliciously textured, crunchy, seedy bars are totally loveable for the following reasons:

As you know, I’m pretty picky about my bars.  If I’m going to get satisfaction out of a snack, it’s gotta be top-notch in three departments:  flavor, texture (composition), and fill-factor.  This bar out does itself in all of those departments!  Of course, the fact that it’s got no added fillers, colors, supplements, and preservatives is just like icing on the cake 😉

It comes in four different flavorsChocolate, Goji Berry, Cranberry, and Blueberry.

With ingredients like these, you’re guaranteed a wholesome bar!

I’ve got to say, my favorite two were the Blueberry (I know why this is the best seller!) & the Chocolate flavors. 


Ultimately, the sweetness of the fruit and chocolate went perfectly with the saltiness  from the seeds and nuts!  I’m a huge advocate of the sweet/salty combination.  After all, isn’t that why peanut butter and jelly go so well together? This bar is seriously like a healthy version of trail mix in the convenience of 1 package!

These stats speak for themselves in my opinion!  Healthy fats from nuts and seeds with minimal sugar (most of which is from the dried fruits), 130 mg potassium, 5g protein, and 3g fiber!?  Undeniably fantastic.

These things are GREAT.   The Goji Berry version was a bit tart, but I liked it a lot!  The chunks of chocolate in the Chocolate version were a no-brainer, and the Cranberry/Blueberry ones were perfect for crumbling over Greek Yogurt in place of granola!  They’re also perfect for that summer hike you’ve been dying to go on.  They’ll fuel you right though it, keeping you energized and satiated!

Order some online here!!


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