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Lemme introduce you to some of my favorite new-to-me products, courtesy of Kathleen and Fantastic World Foods, who kindly sent me some of their vegetarian entrees & elegant grains to review for you all!

Each of these all-natural, organic products is an assortment of ethnic and regional cuisines are specially crafted to stimulate all your senses. Fantastic Foods uses native spices, vegetables, rice, and grains in creative ways to combine a pleasurable food experience all the way from the texture & taste to the aroma. 

Not only do they taste completely gourmet (you’d never guess they were from a box!), but they’re totally simple to whip up on a night of the week when meals from scratch are out of reach.  No shady ingredients included!

Talk about wholesome!  Again, I have never seen such nutritional powerhouses come in cardboard.  It was astonishing to me how healthy they actually are, considering most packaged foods are processed & preserved so much that all the nutrients are stripped.  Not the case here!

With each ingredients list, I grew more and more impressed.  Literally NOTHING that I couldn’t pronounce or identify.  With these Fantastic Foods on my side, I think I could quite possibly go vegetarian!

Totaling ten different varieties, vegetarian entrees included: Tofu Scrambler, Instant Refried BeansNature’s Burger, Falafel, Instant Black Beans, Taco Filling, Vegetarian Sloppy Joe, Original Hummus, Vegetarian Chili, and Tabouli Salad Mix, it’d be hard to get bored!  

While the elegant grains, gives a total of five different varieties, equally as delicious: Whole Wheat Couscous, Basmati Rice, Couscous, Jasmine Rice, and Arborio Rice

If you’re following each of the descriptions for the items, you’re seeing the GREAT nutritional information as well.  Most of these entrees are high in fiber and protein, low in fat, and contain some sort of vitamins & minerals!

As I mentioned before, these meals are ridiculously easy to throw together.  We’ve all been there…long day at work, come home to a hungry family, and don’t feel like cooking and cleaning up allll the mess.  With these boxed goodies, all the work is done for you, and it TASTES better than homemade!  Many of them the only “directions” include adding hot water to the mix that they’ve provided!  You’d be amazed at how delicious a boxed meal can be when it’s coming from Fantastic Foods.

My favorites were the Tabouli Salad Mix, the Taco Filling, and the Falafel!  The spices shined through in each of the blends and they perfectly flavorful.  I loved topping my salads with them for a little extra protein and fiber, rounding out my meal. 

Check out their online store, where you can purchase your own nutritious meals from around the world!  Or, you can check at locations near you through their store locator to find out where you can pick some upYou’ve got to try this stuff!


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  1. sounds like an interesting food company! thanks for the review girl 🙂

  2. Thanks for this info. I actually have the taco filling here to try….


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