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ICED COFFEE LOVERS UNITE 🙂  These Boca Java gourmet coffees, generously sent to me by the company are absolutely fabulous!  Perfect for freezing into ice cubes, brewing and storing in the fridge, and then conjuring up your own iced coffee at home!  Orr enjoy warm, however you prefer 😉

After learning that the company only uses the highest quality handpicked, specialty-grade Arabica beans in all of  their gourmet coffees I knew I just had to try them.  Arabica beans provide unparalleled flavor and aroma and taste.   Exotic locations such as Hawaii, South America, Indonesia, India, and Africa are ideal for coffee cultivation.   

Along with superior quality beans, they’ve got a Master Roaster working his magic with 20 years of experience, treating each batch as if it were his “baby”.  Due to smaller batch sizes, Christopher’s careful attention to detail ensures superior quality with precise control of temperature and humidity during the entire roasting process.  With this company, you’ll get PEAK perfected grounds everytime!

The company also recommends that close attention be paid to the entire brewing process.  Things like filtered water, fresh ground beans, and proper water/coffee proportions are key!  Using between 13/4 to 2 tablespoons of our gourmet coffee per 8 oz. cup of filtered water is suggested, but I used a little more coffee because I like mine pretty strong!

This is only the beginning of the amazing attributes that Boca Java has to offer.  Check out some of their flavors!!! Totally unique and delicious like a guilt-free dessert! 

Tropical Kiss- Like a little piece of paradise, this full-bodied blend is a complex combination of coconut and chocolate which is light and sweet, transporting you to your own personal Tropical hideaway

Maple Bacon Morning- This sweet, savory coffee will take you back to home cooked breakfasts with crunchy sizzling bacon sweetly drizzled in maple syrup.  Full-bodied and complex, it’ll have you crawling out of bed with the sun just to snag a cup.

Caramel Kiss Island- This deliciously appealing creamy, caramel confection has a cream brulee flavoring that will have your mouth watering the minute it starts to brew.  Full-bodied and complex blend as well.

Chocolate Cherry Celebration- Think cherry cordial in a cup.  Bold, sweet cherries swimming in deep, dark chocolate with a robust flavor which is also full-bodied & complex.  Like a kid in a candy store, I tell ya!

This company even has a sweeeet deal on being a member of “Coffee of the Month” gift club!  Member perks include 25% off shipping, free samples, member-only coffees, and exclusive offers!  Right now (for a limited time), you can get 3 bags of coffee for only $9.95 + shipping ($35 value!!) 

Thanks so much, Stefanie and Boca Java!  ❤


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  1. Always find great things to try here!!!!

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