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Get Real or Go Home.

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Verse of the Day

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

– Ephesians 2:10

Sometimes on the blog, I fear getting too personal will skew someone’s perception of me.  Other times, I just feel like getting REAL with the readers just makes me human.  They can relate to that.  Not everything is always perfect in my life, as I’m sure it isn’t in yours either.  Even if it is, bear with me while I vent, please.  I’ll be here for you to vent to too, if you need it.

You wouldn’t think starting out the day with a breakfast like this would be setting you up for anything less than perfection, right?

Overnight oats: 1/3 C. old-fashioned oats, 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds, 1/3 C. unsweet almond milk, splash vanilla extract, Organic Zero, & sliced banana

Topped off with a dollop of Chobani mixed with 1 tbsp. sugar-free Log Cabin & cinnamon.

This was deeelicious.  Like a chilled version of bananas foster or banana bread pudding?  I was sure after eating this that it would be a good day.

Then lunch came along around 12PM and gave me some REAL reassurance!

Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, sliced baby bell peppers, baby carrots and Better N’ Peanut Butter for dippage,

HealthValley Organic Vegetarian Chili Black Bean Mole for protein, and apple fruit crisps for dessert!

The chili is absolutely fabulous.  Don’t be freaked out by the coffee-and-cocoa thing…I read about it in Hungry Girl and had complete confidence in Lisa’s taste 🙂 Great stats, too!

Sorry for the shotty lighting! In the tin foil, I wrapped up

1 La Tortilla Factory Low Carb High Fiber WW wrap with 1 tbsp. apricot Polaner + fiber & a Sonoma Jack’s cheese wedge.

Work was busy, but not unbearable, as I got to study a bit for my final, which I was totally thankful for.  First final in 4 years!   Surprisingly, I felt prepared and ready.

I saved my fruit crisps for snackage with a packed string cheese, and then I marched into the gym on campus around 4:10PM with my head held high feeling confident and equipped to tackle a nice cardio workout before my final.  All I got in was about 40 minutes of cardio on the Cross Ramp before showering & leaving to study a bit before the exam.  Just enough to get the blood pumpin’!

 The exam went REALLY well….I’ll post my final grades.  Afterward, my family had plans to go to a Senator’s Baseball game, but since the rain ruined those plans, we went out to dinner together in celebration of the end of class and my sister’s birthday (which is actually Saturday!)  To Arooga’s, we went!

Our “surrogate” mom, Hainey, me, and Momma FF

Seester FF & “surrogate dad”, Todd

My uncle (who got CARDED when he ordered a Captain & Coke!) and cousin.

Appetizers were ordered including

MARYLAND STYLE CRAB DIP: Our special blend of cream cheese, Old Bay and crab topped with Monterey Jack cheese then baked in a homemade bread bowl.

and the BUFFALO CHICKEN QUESADILLA: Our mild wing sauce with melted bleu cheese crumbles and chicken grilled in a flour tortilla. Served with a side of bleu cheese.

   I wasn’t very hungry though, so these didn’t even look appetizing.   Instead, I ordered something light for my entree:

Enter: Veggie Platter with salsa instead of ranch and shrimpie cocktail.

I ended up taking 1/2 the shrimp home and all the celery, but ate everything else.

As happy as I should’ve been after successfully completing my class, going out with family and friends, and having some great food, I wasn’t.  It’s a constant battle for me to feel significance…I guess its because I’m always made to feel like an inconvenience…to my Dad at least… Why is it that we CONSTANTLY seek the approval of the ONE person who refuses to give it to us?  I thought just MAYBE he would be proud of something…anything…that I’ve been doing…but even good grades, good health, good jobs, and a fake smile can’t earn it.  Pretty sure that’s why my appetite was “off” at dinner.  I can’t eat when I feel so trivial.  I’m not writing for a pity party, I just need it to get offf my chest…or have someone who can relate give advice? 

Love you all.  Somedays your sweet comments are the only things keeping my chin up, so thank you! 

Let’s end on a positive note, shall we?  Not only is Katie having an organic chocolate giveaway, butttt we have a WINNER of the CRAYOLA giveaway!

Congrats Julie!  Please email me your mailing address at


Happy Friday.




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  1. girl i think your appetite was “OFF” because you are emotionally hurt. i dont think your appetite was really off physically. do you order super light diet stuff when your dad is around? as a sense of rebellion or trying to get him to notice? Thats something that would be great to talk to a therapist about!

    • i definitely agree that it was because of an emotional hurt. i can even tell in the picture that my smile is totally fake looking. i don’t usually order super light diet stuff when my dad is around because it makes him mad that i’m being restrictive…usually i try to order something that i wouldn’t normally in hopes that it’ll appease him, but last night i truly did not want anything more (nothing else even looked good!)…you’re right though, i think i need to talk to someone about it…sometimes its hard to admit it, but i think the problem is a little more deeply rooted than i like to think. thank you for your concern, sweetness! hope your weekend is great. xo. sami

      • I’m sorry you were hurting ): I am the perfect example of not eating when you are upset (Peak of my ED was when Stu was in Iraq). I am not good with dealing with bad situations, and I think part of why my ED got so out of hand and bad, is because I bottled up everything inside and did not talk to anyone about how I was feeling. I’m not implying at all that you have an issues with an ED (Please don’t think that!!!) Im just saying that it probably would help things to talk to someone, ANYONE!! I know you have tons of people who love you and care about you in your life, and bloggers!! So let it out girl, and remember you are loved and I’ll be thinking about you!!

  2. hahaha is that me!? how exciting!! haha look at us winning eachothers giveaways 🙂 woo hooo

  3. Hey,

    I just started reading your blog this week. I found it on

    I like your unique and interesting meal plans.

    I created a blog of my own a few days ago but haven’t connected with anyone since there’s not much to see. But I decided to comment on your post today in hopes of putting some sunshine into your day. Your blog is interesting – keep it up!

    I’m with you on the battle on significance. Have hope and do your best. God will take care of the rest.

  4. Please be honest with us all. Imperfections are great to share because we all can relate to them.

  5. My dear amazing beautiful incredible friend,
    You are NOT insignificant! You have already my such a difference in my life- just by being you! Never, EVER feel for one second that you don’t matter. God created you. As you quoted a while ago “he knows every hair on your head’. I truly love you like a sister and wish I could be there with you to give you a big hug! I am so proud of you! I struggle with looking for validation, acceptance, a sense of belonging and self worth from not only my dad- but my manager as well. I tend to do this with every person (older) and end up getting so hurt. Tell your dad how you feel!

    You aren’t ranting! You are being brave and expressing how you feel so things don’t get worse! I am so sorry you had to go through this. You don’t deserve it, and I know how that kind of ‘rejection’ and hurt makes you question your own self-worth!
    If there is ANYTHING I can do to help…
    Know that you are in my prayers, and I love you just the way you are!

  6. Girl let me just say, your beautiful. I mean really. And God is in control. Let Him take care of everything. It is so easy for us to get caught up in this world, but the reality is, we DONT belong here. One day this will all seem so insignificant. Keep your head high and keep hanging in there. I am always trying to be the best I can for my mom, but I will never be what she wants. Be the best you can FOR YOU. Your happiness is what matters!!

  7. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    I am sooo sorry to hear that you are feeling that waiy- i can imagine it might make your appetite go out the door. I think it is important for you to share things like this on the blog because you will always get great feedback & people can relate more than you may know! You are so strong & smart – i’m sure he loves you more than you think and I know there is a deeper problem there like you said. You have a lot going for you and you deserve to feel that way.
    i’m here for you 🙂

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