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Miracles Happen.

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Annnnd today’s song comes from Sanctus Real, another favorite of mine!

Father, show me the way
To lead them
Won’t you lead me?

To lead them with strong hands
To stand up when they can’t
Don’t want to leave them hungry for love
Chasing dreams that I could give up

I’ll show them I’m willing to fight
And give them the best of my life
So we can call this out home
Lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone

1 Whole Wheat La Tortilla Factory wrap with Fantastic Foods Vegetarian Chili mix with mango salsa & navy beans

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me lately, but I’m loving savory breakfasts!  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been without the delicious, sweet greek yogurt, banana whip, and desserty oats!  I guess La Tortilla Factory brings out another side of me!

Anyway, around 10:15PM I had another banana for a mid-morning snack.  Since brekkie is eaten at like 7am, I need something to tide me over until lunch at 12-12:30.  Gotta keep that metabolism moovin‘!

Breakfast dessert, if you will.

Somewhere in between, I downed a chilled coffee made with some Maple Bacon Morning Boca Java and SF vanilla torani.  It was pretty boring looking…just a simple travel mug!  After some filing, writing, scheduling, and emailing, lunch rolled around and I was diggin’ into my packed sustenance.

Fantastic Foods Vegetarian Chili mix with navy beans & mango salsa mixed in to top my bed of spinach and steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots!)

It was a totally random combo, but I was hurting for veggies and knew I’d need some protein. The mango salsa instead of stewed tomatoes turned out to be a great compliment to the spicy mix and navy beans.  Not your typical chili, but I love that I can adapt the mixes to suit my taste!

For whole grains with some flavah, I packed a whole wheat Sara Lee bun (80 calories) slathered with 1/2 Sonoma Jack’s cheese & sf apricot jam.

I had a hankering for some chocolate, so I hit the desk drawer pretty hard and TRIED to control myself in the presence of this Lenny & Larry’s Peanut Butter Protein Brownie, since 1/2 is considered a serving.

But really, who eats just 1/2 a brownie?! Protein or not, that whole, dense, rich, chocolate peanut buttery deliciousness was in my belly by 2:30PM. 

This babe powered me through an entire insanity workout after arriving home from work, along with 55 minutes of biking! Again, Melissa & Joey (2nd episode) was watched! They’ve got great onscreen chemistry!

After biking, my appetite finally came back.  I went upstairs and got to work on some dinner. We’ve got TONS of zucchini from my uncle’s garden to use up, so I grated a bunch of it and steamed it in the microwave.  Then I made a deliciously creamy, noochy sauce for ontop!

Bowl #1

Bowl #2

SOOOO delicious.

Sauce in bowl #1 was cherry tomatoes blended with hot water, some roasted red pepper hummus, canned mushrooms, and sprinkled with nooch.  Sauce in bowl #2 was stewed canned tomatoes, carrots, garlic hummus, and shroomies from the 2nd 1/2 of the can.

SO yumm.

A little while later, after clean up and such I went back downstairs for a brief ab session full of planks and oblique twists.  I also decided to put my old books for sale on instead of selling them back to the campus book store, since they totally rip you off!

I wrote up a list of things to help me start budgeting to save for things I’d really like to purchase in the next few years:

And then I ran to make a quick grocery store trip to grab some essentials: oats, unsweet almond breeze, vitatops, chobani, and frozen veggies!

When I got home, I had dessert


Chocolate goes with ANYTHING.  Including pineapple 🙂

I spent the rest of the night blogging, and prepping for the weekend!  I cleaned out my car a bit, too!

I also have a Baby Bo update for all of you!  He is officially back at his birth weight & breathing on his own!  The doctors say the situation is BEYOND positive!  Isn’t he a miracle of God!?! I mean, all babies are, but this just astounds me.

Check out the comparison of his diaper to an electric razor to give you an idea of how tiny he truly is

They’re taking such great care of my bestie, her hubs, and baby Bo.  I couldn’t have asked the Lord for better caretakers and thank you alll soooo much for your prayers! Due to privacy issues, I had been kindly asked to remove the photo of Bo.  I apologize!

HAPPY FRIDAY, indeed 🙂




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  1. Aww, look how tiny that diaper is!!

  2. awwww so glad baby bo is doing better 🙂 miracles definitely do happen!

    love those sauce recipes!

  3. I am so happy he is doing okay! My heart goes out to your bestie and family! He is going to be one lucky kid to have you as an aunt! I love how you added ‘Posturpedic’ to your ‘must own list’. I laughed so hard @ that one!
    By the way, that picture of you on the Posturpedic in your last post was so cute! You are so photogenic!!!
    Your Canadian Bestie (lol)


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