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Starbucks Natural Fusions

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From the coffee gurus who have brought to life the inner joe lovers in all of us, Starbucks now brings to life a new line of delicious natural infusion blends of beans.  I expected nothing less than perfection from this créme de la créme of a company and was definitely not disappointed.


Thank you SO much to the company & Kevin, who sent me these three blends to review!

First, I’d like to point out that each of these had an unbelievable aroma to them.  It completely capitvated my senses while it was brewing, giving my tastebuds VERY high hopes. 

Each of these flavors was made with particular care.  They take one specific roast and compliment it with one of the following flavor enhancers:  Vanilla, Caramel, and CinnamonWhat’s not to love?!

The inspiration behind the Vanilla flavor was actually the vanilla bean pod itself.  “Subtle, sweet, creamy, slightly woody, and floral”.  Imagine sniffing a pure bottle of vanilla extract and you’ll have an idea of what this lightly roasted Latin American coffee boasts.  Classic!

The Caramel flavored inspiration was a bit more of an indulgent finding…the clasic, Starbucks caramel sauce found in stores.  “Very rich, smooth, buttery, and sweet with a slight burnt sugar taste”.  This blend is truly enhanced by toastiness of the Dark roast Latin American coffee it is based on.  In addition there is a touch of licorice root added for sweetness! 

The Cinnamon flavor of the Natural Infusions from my beloved Starbies was created with dark-roasted Latin American coffee.  To describe the cinnamon inhanced beverage, imagine if an ooey, gooey cinnamon roll and a red hot had a baby together.  In my opinion, the perfect mate for a tall cup of this version would be a crumbly, sugar coated slice of coffee cake!  Hints of orange peel also poke through!

I love that these coffees taste totally gourmet and indulgent, yet you can brew them in your own home.  As of June 1st, they were available at the grocery store!  Try some ICED!  It’s a delicious, refreshing treat that you can enjoy DAILY.  If you need a bit of sweetness, try some Splenda or sugar free syrup to the coffee!  It’ll do the trick 😉


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  1. Last time I went to buy coffee, I selected one of these, but ended up putting it back on the shelf. I felt hesitant because a lot of times “natural” things include a couple of natural ingredients while the rest are NOT so natural! [[BIG disappointment!]] Are all the flavors in these coffees natural? If so, I’m going to get one today… I ran out of coffee this morning… And your post just made my coffee-loving mouth water…

  2. ahhhh i can’t WAIT for these to come to the stores! they sound amazinggggggg 🙂 love me some good old starbies!

  3. I actually got very excited reading this! GREAT REVIEW! You just reminded me that I got a FUDGE BROWNIE scented/infused coffee the other week. I literally walked around the store smelling it. No jokes. I even made the cashier smell it. It’s about time Starbucks had infused coffee!!!!
    Thanks for the fantastic review!


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