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Woo Hoo Foods: Gudernoobs

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Talk about a food revolution…These Woo Hoo Foods will change the way you think about candy…Jaime Oliver would TOTALLY approve of these delicious little snacks.  Thanks so much to Holly and Woo Hoo Foods for sharing some Gudernoobs with me for this review!

First, a little bit about the company!  They’re on a mission to move children and adults away from “the empty calories of processed junk food made in a lab and back to the nourishing ingredients of real food” and help us realize that nutritious snacks can be delicious, too!

I mean, check out the flavors!  If these don’t spell out: DESSERT, I don’t know what does!

The ingredients lists are PHENOMONAL and are the definition of healthy…here’s a comparison of the “rival snacks” vs. this WHOLE FOODS snack.

Considering the ingredients, I never would’ve guessed they would be SO candy-like.  It just goes to show that we’ve got ALL we need to fuel our bodies with the natural foods that God has provided us with! 

Here are the NUTRITIONAL STATS for your viewing pleasure.  The proof is in the numbers, folks.  They provide fiber (apples, dates, bananas, oatmeal), antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids (flax)!

Now for the taste!  They are particularly delicious alllll on their own, however you can mix them into things like oats, too, if you want to crumble them up.  They’ve got the consistency of a larabar!  Kind of moist and dense!  I’m a huge fan of date based snacks because they are SO sweet it tastes sinful.  These little bite sized babies are perfect for fueling a workout and throwing in your gym bag for some quick energy because of the natural sugars, too!  KIDS LOVE THEM.

My favorite was the Awesome Apple Cider!  It reminded me of the Apple Pie larabar, actually.  Again, thank you to Woo Hoo foods and Holly for the supplies! 🙂


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