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It’s All About Teamwork.

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Today, I am at the Steelers’ preseason game with Pops!  I got him tickets for his birthday this year!  I’ll fill you all in tomorrow!  Here were some of the eats from yesterday.

Break the fast with some classic fiber select cereal, low-fat milk, and frosted berries.

Lunch at my desk:

3 egg whites + 1 Tbsp. garlic hummus with spinach on an original La Tortilla Factory wrap

Bed of spinach covered in cucumber pickles, sliced red pepper, and sugar peas with Newman’s Own pineapple salsa for dressing

Alll together now.

1 bag pear crisps

I’m also really excited that my new Polar Heart Rate Monitor came in the mail yesterday!

I bought mine on for less than $90!  I love it already.  I think it may take some time to get used to the band around my chest, but so far its not all that bad to deal with.    The stats in the photo were only part of my workout.  I did some insane abs and biking totaling 330 calories.


Banana fudge soft serve – frozen banana blended with a chocolate fudge vitatop: TDF

So, some of you may be wondering what the title of the post is referring to…well, I’m getting there 😉  A great friend of mine and “surrogate” Dad, as my sisters and I so lovingly call him, properly named TODD is on a mission to regain his health.  As you can see from the photo, he’s not UNHEALTHY, but he’d really like to change some aspects of his lifestyle to lose a bit of weight, tone up, and eat right.

He’s single, ladies!

He’s asked for my help on his mission, and he and I are both doing the Insanity program, but he struggles with creating healthy meals for himself at home.  We actually went grocery shopping together after church on Sunday so that I could maybe help him or offer up suggestions on what to eat!  We picked up a few essentials for him including some produce, protein bars, frozen meals, and VITATOPS, which I claimed he MUST try.  He is looking for ideas which are pretty low maintenance and, well, typical of a bachelor 😉

He sent me his first meal that I helped him plan and I just HAD to share it all with you, because I am exuding pride right now!  Instead of MY dinner time eats, here are HIS!

Granted, both of these items on the plate were frozen and contain processed stuff…HOWEVER, the plate is piled with all kinds of nutrients:  whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables, and protein! He used a bag of Green Giant Steamer Garden Vegetable medley paired with an Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna .

He’s snacking smarter too!  I got this email from him yesterday:

We’re making a team effort, but he took all the initiative!  He’s actually helping me as I make my way into the dietary world, hoping to earn a degree someday!  My first client: pro bono 🙂 haha.

Meal number two?

He cooked up some veggies (peppers and onions) with some chicken on the stove top!  Now all he needs to go with his meal are some WHOLE grains.  Putting these goodies atop a bed of brown rice would be a great idea!
Way to go, Todd! Keep up the great work. You’re making your surrogate daughter SO proud.  Just goes to show ANYONE can take the leap.


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  1. I love seeing all the food that you eat! We have very similar eating habits!

  2. That is so fantastically generous and nice of you! It’s great not feeling alone when adapting to a new lifestyle! The fact that you can impact someone elses life for the better is such a blessing!

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